[Fix] Compile Error in Hidden Module Excel (100% Working)

Compile error in the hidden module is an error message that is faced by many Microsoft users. This normally occurs during opening a document in Microsoft Word or Excel. If you are facing the same then don’t worry, we are here to guide you to the exact way how to fix this issue with some simple tricks. Let’s know first about the reason behind this error message.

compile error in hidden module excel

The Reasons behind Excel or Word Compile Error in Hidden Module

If you hear the reason, you will understand what you have done wrong and why you are seeing an error. The meaning of this compile error in the hidden module is, that you have upgraded your 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2016 to a 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2016. But some 32-bit add-ins are remaining in the upgraded version. So, whenever you will try to open a document the codes of that add-ins will conflict and be incompatible with the current version. Thus, it will show you the error message that you already have seen on your screen.

Several hidden modules may cause this problem such as thisworkbook, menuandtoolbar, hstbarpublic, aowd, etc. So, if you are finding a solution to this issue, then you are strongly encouraged to read and apply the methods below one by one.

The Solution to Compile Error in Hidden Module Excel or Word

As many users are facing the same issue they receive an error during opening a document in MS Word or Excel, we have pointed out some best ways to fix this issue. You can try the following methods to fix this problem:

  1. Upgrading The Adobe Acrobat
  2. Using the Command Prompt to Re-register the OCX file
  3. Moving the PDF Maker File
  4. Deleting the .exd File
  5. Updating the Norton Antivirus Software

Now, let’s see the methods in detail so that you can fix the mentioned issue with your MS Word or Excel.

1. Upgrading The Adobe Acrobat

There are chances that two template files of Adobe Acrobat contained in the MS Word folder can cause the compile error. It mostly happens when someone downloads the adobe acrobat from unknown sources. So, it is suggested to download the adobe acrobat from its official website. 

If you are using adobe acrobat which is downloaded from an official website and still facing the problem, then it is probably because your adobe acrobat program is out of date. Updating the Adobe Acrobat software can fix this error message with Excel. Here are the steps to follow to update the application:

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat app and click on Help from the title bar
  • Then click on Check for Updates
  • It will check for updates and take some moment to find
  • If it finds any update, then click Download and Install

After updating the application, restart your PC and check if the error is gone or not. If not, then try the next method that is given below.

2. Using the Command Prompt to Re-register the OCX file

As the error comes from the functions of basic files of MS Excel, the excel compile error can be fixed by re-registering the OCX file using the command prompt. Here are the instructions:

  • Launch the Command Prompt (CMD) as admin
  • Type commands according to your Operating System (OS) that are given below and don’t forget to press Enter after each command

For 32-bit Windows OS:

regsvr32 -u c:\windows\system32\mscomctl.ocx

regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\mscomctl.ocx

For 64-bit Windows OS:

regsvr32 -u c:\windows\syswow64\mscomctl.ocx

regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\mscomctl.ocx

Now check if this has fixed the compile error in the hidden module or not. If you find that excel is still having the issue remaining, then let’s try the next method.

3. Moving the PDF Maker File

If you are using any PDF maker software on your PC, then it can be a reason for compile error in the hidden module of excel. As we already have mentioned above two Adobe Acrobat files that are contained in the MS Office folder can bring up this error. The name of those two files is PDFmaker.xla and PDFmaker.dot. So, you need to move these two files from the MS Office folder to somewhere else to fix this problem. You can follow the steps below:

  • For each of the files PDFmaker.xla and PDFmaked.dot, search by the name of the file from your windows search option
  • After finding the file, right-click on it and choose Open file location
  • If you couldn’t find the file, then try searching them in MS Office Start-up and Xlstart folders
  • From the file location, right-click on the file and click on cut
  • Come to your desktop and paste it

Now after restarting your PC, check if the excel compiler is showing an error or not. If it still shows the error message, then follow the next method.

4. Deleting the .exd File

The files with the .exd extension are normally a control information cache file that is generated by the Microsoft office. It can be created by inserting an ActiveX control in an MS program. Hence, deleting this cache can fix the compile error issue. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Press the Windows key and R key simultaneously to open the Run box
  • Then, type %appdata% in the box and click OK
  • After reaching the AppData folder, navigate to Roaming > Microsoft > Forms
  • After that, find the .exd files named comctllib.exd and mscomctllib.exd
  • Now, delete these files and restart your PC

It is supposed to solve the compile error. If not, then follow the last way to fix it.

5. Updating the Norton Antivirus Software

If you use third-party software like the Norton Antivirus, then this method applies to you. 

The Norton Antivirus Software can be another reason for compiler error in the hidden module in excel. So, you can fix this issue by updating or re-installing this antivirus software. To update the software, follow the instruction below:

Now check if the issue is gone or not. If you face the error even after updating the Norton Antivirus, then you need to uninstall the software. For this, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Run command by pressing the Windows key and R key simultaneously
  • Type appwiz.cpl on the run box and click OK
  • Find the Norton Antivirus and click Uninstall

After uninstalling the software successfully, restart your PC and check if the excel is showing any error or not. Hopefully, it will not show any error after applying the methods that are mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Open Excel in Safe Mode?

To open Excel in safe mode, you need to press and hold the Ctrl key during opening the program. Also, you can start excel in safe mode by using the command prompt by typing this command excel.exe/safe.

What is the Safe Mode in Microsoft Word?

Safe mode is a built-in feature to run Microsoft Office in case you are unable to run it in the normal way. It helps you to work normally using the applications of MS Office such as MS Word, MS Excel, etc. In safe mode, the application will never crash. So if you are facing such a problem where MS Word or Excel is crashing every time you are trying to open it, then you can use the safe mode.


So that’s all about the fix to the compile error in the hidden module error message. We have put together all the best methods that have helped many other users to fix the same issue. I hope now you are able to fix this issue on your own by applying the methods that are given in this article.

Apart from this, feel free to share if you have any suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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