[Solved] Could Not Create The Java Virtual Machine In Minecraft | JVM Error (100% Working)

A Java virtual machine problem, often known as just a JVM error, is a type of error that is produced mostly by Java Virtual Machine and is classed as such. Typically, whenever this sort of situation occurs, it indicates that your system is unable to read or comprehend the code. It can occur for a variety of causes, including when your PC is not up to date with necessary updates and if the device is not compliant with Java. If you encounter a JVM issue while working on your desktop, you must understand how to resolve the situation. To resolve the problem and continue working on your computer, follow the actions outlined below.

Error message “Could Not Create The Java Virtual Machine” in Minecraft is very frequent, and it is not caused by a fault using Minecraft, but rather by a fault with Java software. Typically, this problem occurs exclusively on machines running the Windows operating system. 

Could not create the java virtual machine Minecraft

Minecraft was created in Java, and even to play it, you must first simply download then install Java. If this warning message appears when you attempt to run the program, it indicates that something has gone wrong with your Java setup. 

If Java isn’t using enough Megabytes in space, the above pop-up error message is most commonly displayed. To make it work, you will also have to boost the amount of memory available to Java.

Reasons for occurring the Could not create the Java Virtual Machine error:

The reason for this problem on Windows 11/10 can be traced to a variety of factors. It is possible that the incorrect settings are being used to invoke a Java program that you are executing on your homebrew platform. Conversely, if indeed the heap storage capacity is more than the amount of the System Variable, then the Java program you are attempting to open may unable to start.

A large number of people have reported facing the same problem. When opening a program, you will see the message “Could not create the Java virtual machine.” Try and make a change by making a new Java systems variable and seeing whether that makes any effect. It is also recommended that you run the application as an administrator, as such a restriction of permissions may result in the issue. If you’re already having trouble, the only way to fix this would be to reinstall this program from the beginning.

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If some people tried to install software that is created just on the Java platform, they receive the Java virtual machine deadly failure error. Minecraft players aren’t unfamiliar with this problem. 

In its entirety, the warning message reads: “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.” An error has happened as a result of a severe exception. 

As a result, the Javascript is unable to execute. Some potential solutions for such Java Virtual Machine hard crashes are shown below.

How can you fix ‘Could Not Create The Java Virtual Machine In Minecraft’ error?

Method 1: Create a new configuration variable using Java 

  1. First, you have to start Run by using the Windows key and the R button from your keyboard.
  2. Type system.CPL inside the Run box and press Enter to bring up the window seen in the picture just below.
image 3
  1. On your window’s Advanced tab, click here on the Advanced button.
  2. To access the Environment Variables window, select the Environment Variables option from the toolbar.
  1. The New option is located there under the System variables section of the dialog box. 
  2. Inside the Variable name comment field, type in the word _JAVA OPTIONS.
image 5
  1. Next, inside the Variable value text field, use –Xmx512M to boost RAM allotment to 512 megabytes, and is the default setting.
image 6
  1. To exit the window, press the OK key on your keyboard. 
  2. Now, inside the Environmental window, click on the OK option to confirm your selection. 

Whenever Java requires a greater international maximum heaps memory capacity, the Java Virtual Machine issue is frequently encountered. 

Users were able to solve the problem by increasing the maximum amount of RAM assigned to Java. You can accomplish this by making a new Java Systems Variable in the manner indicated above.

Method 2. Choose Run as administrator for Java

  1. Cortana may be accessed by pressing the Windows key + S key from your keyboard. 
  2. Java may be found by typing its name into the search field. 
  3. Then, with the right-click menu, pick the Open file location to bring up the Java folder on Windows File Explorer.
  4. Now, you have to right-click on the java.exe file and pick Properties from the context menu.
image 7

5. Choose the Compatibility tab at the top of the window.

  1. Choose the Run this program as an administrator option at the bottom.
  2. Click on the option that says “Apply.” 
  3. To exit the window, use the OK button. 

In some cases, the Java virtual machine problem can be caused by a lack of administrative privileges. As a result, some users may require Java to be given administrative privileges. 

As previously mentioned, you can provide Java administrative privileges in Windows 10.

Method 3: Reinstall Java

  1. For certain people, reinstalling Java may also be necessary to resolve the Java virtual machine problem. Firstly, uninstall that Java version that is currently installed simply by typing appwiz.CPL into the Run box and press OK.
image8 1
  1. Java may be found by typing its name into the search field. 
  2. Uninstall Java by selecting it and clicking Uninstall. 
  3. If a verification window appears, select Yes from the drop-down menu. 
  4. After that, restart your computer.
  5. Now, in a web browser, navigate to the Java website and download.
  1. Users must use 32-bit Java with 32-bit applications as well as 64-bit Java with 64-bit applications to run these programs. The safest option is to download then install two Java editions by selecting Windows Offline or Windows Offline 64-bit from the Start menu. 
  2. After that, launch the Java installation wizard. 
  3. Here on the installation wizard, hit the Install option to begin the installation process.
image 8

In this way, you can resolve the Java virtual machine severe issue and resume using the Java product that was previously unavailable. 

It is possible to successfully apply some of the methods previously discussed in the following scenarios: 

Launching the Java virtual machine failed because of an error – Although none has been modified on the PC, this problem persists and is almost certainly due to the Java installation. 

A catastrophic exception has happened when attempting to establish the Java virtual machine – The above problem also appears to recur at random intervals. Check to see that you aren’t running a 32-bit VM in conjunction with a 64-bit Eclipse.

Minecraft was unable to generate the Java virtual machine — When attempting to begin Minecraft, the following error message appears. The primary reason for this is that it requires administrative access to function correctly.


If you are getting this error message, try the methods above to fix it. But before applying any solution, you have to check your operating system.

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