[Fix] Scanning and Repairing Drive on Every Boot (100% Working)

When you restart Windows, it scans a specific drive every time but the drive is not fully scanned and repaired and then reboots into normal Windows mode. There may actually exist a problem in the drive; alternatively, some kind of error in Windows forcing it to scan the drive for literally no reason. Whichever the rationale behind this scanning, it can be annoying and also time-consuming for Windows to reboot. You can either scan and repair the drive manually or make Windows stop doing the task. Continue to read the article to fix the error.

scanning and repairing drive every boot

How to Fix – ‘Scanning and Repairing Drive on Every Boot’

First of all, why does Windows bother to scan and repair a drive especially drive C on every boot? Most probably, you do not properly shut down Windows. As a result, the incomplete tasks in memory and drive can corrupt Windows which may even lead to damage of hard disk.

Now, how to fix the issue? You have to manually check the concerned drive whether or not it is corrupted. Additionally, if you want Windows not to scan the drive on every boot, you need to change commands from the registry editor.

Using the command prompt

Follow these steps-

Step 1: Search for ‘cmd’ on the Windows search bar that can be found beside the Windows logo and run it as administrator


Step 2: Click yes when any UAC (User Account Control) command pops up.


Step 3: Type in ‘fsutil dirty query C:’ and hit the enter key. Make sure that letters, punctuations, and spaces are provided exactly as the screenshot suggests. If the erroneous drive is not C; rather it is drive D or E or F, then type in the letter in place of C.


Step 4: Again, type in ‘chkntfs /x c:’ and press the enter key. Wait for a few moments to complete the scan. The result will show if the drive is clean or not and it will be repaired.


Using the Registry Editor

Follow the steps-

Step 1: Open the run dialogue box that can be found by searching from the Windows search bar. Type in ‘regedit’ and hit the ok button.


Step 2: Expand the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’; then expand the ‘SYSTEM’ folder and the ‘CurrentControlSet’.


Step 3: Expand the ‘Control’ folder.


Step 4: Under the ‘Session Manager’ folder, you will see a file called ‘BootXxecute’; open the file.


Step 5: We need to change some parameters. Type in ‘autocheck autochk /k:C*’ and then click on the ok button. Restart the device. There won’t be any scanning and repairing of the drive on the reboot.



Hopefully, you found the fix for this problem with Windows. Make sure that you properly shut down Windows every time and there is no malware on any of the drives. Thus your Windows and drives can remain safe.

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