[Fix] See Trace Logging for Error Details | User Profile 1534 Warnings (100% Working)

When you open a program that requires administrative permission and you are denied by Windows stating user profile 1534 warnings. Do not be worried; it is not a major error. Still, we need to find a solution and before that, we have to see trace logging for error details. This article deals with this issue; continue to read to know more about it.

See Trace Logging for Error Details

See Trace Logging for Error Details | User Profile 1534 Warnings

How can you see user profile error logs? Follow these steps-

Step 1: Search for ‘Event Viewer’ from the Windows search bar. Click on the best result that you found.

Step 2: Under the ‘Event Viewer (Local)’ tab, expand the ‘Windows Logs’ and select the ‘Application’ file.

Step 3: You will see the user profile 1534 warnings; click on the ‘details’ option to see the trace logs.

How to Fix the Error?

Type in ‘regedit’ from the Windows search bar and click on the ‘Registry Editor’ app that you found in the search result.

1 2

Expand the following folders chronologically-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows NT> CurrentVersion> ProfileList

You will see two folders with prolonged names.

2 2

Rename both the folders and make sure that there is no ‘.bak’ in the name.

3 2

We need to modify two files here- ‘State’ and ‘RefCount’.

4 1

Change the value data to ‘0’ of both the files and tap on the ‘OK’ button.

5 1

Restart the device to enable the changes you had made. This way user profile errors should be fixed.

6 1


Hopefully, you have found out trace logging for user profile error 1534. When it comes to the solution, one caution here, make sure that you are logged into safe mode when you rename the files as the article suggests. Thank you for reading!

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