[Fix] Someone Else Is Still Using This PC (100% Working)

It is really questionable if someone else is still using this PC and you know it while shutting down the PC.

The very first thing I would recommend you not to be worried about if you are in trouble like this. Trust me, you are not in big trouble. It happens to other Windows users too. And it is easy to solve.

Someone Else Is Still Using This PC

Here, I will clarify the reasons behind the error occurring and what you can do with the issue. Let’s explore.

Why ‘Someone Else Is Still Using This PC’ Error Message Appeared?

Identifying the possible reason is important if you face the error. It can appear for a couple of reasons. 

  • An alternate user may not log out properly after using the PC. In most cases, this issue creates the discussed error. It may happen to you too. If so, you will need to disconnect the user from the Task Manager
  • The problem can hide behind the sign-in options. So, you need to check the reason. Does it happen with or not? As a result, you can take a proper step to fix the error.
  • Even the error occurs for the background performance of Windows Update. That’s why you may need to check the update-related pending issue and take proper action to solve it.

What to Do If Someone Else Is Still Using This PC

The error we are discussing is solvable. So, if it happens to you, it will be better not to worry about it. And the great thing is, I am going to include the possible fixes. Before diving into details, let’s check the list first-

  • Fix 1: Disconnect the Alternate User
  • Fix 2: Customize Sign-in Option
  • Fix 3: Install the Pending Update

Fix 1: Disconnect the Alternate User

You can solve the error by disconnecting the alternate user from the PC log. Because, In most cases, the error occurs whenever the alternate user does not log out properly. I will attach the disconnecting process below.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to right-click on the Start menu. As a result, you will see some System-related important options in a list. You have to click on ‘Task Manager’ from the appeared list.

2 1

Step 2

Accordingly, the ‘Task Manager’ window will appear on the screen. You have to tap the ‘Users’ tab from the top menu. 

3 1

Step 3

After that, you will see the existed user list. You have to right-click on the alternate user that might be used in the recent past. Then, click on the ‘Disconnect’ option.

4 1

Finally, take a step to shut down the PC. Hopefully, the message will not prompt again. Somehow if it appears again, you will need to try the next fix.

Fix 2: Customize Sign-in Option

You can fix the error by changing a sign-in option from the ‘Settings’ app. Here I will discuss the process step by step below.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to tap the Windows and ‘I’ keys together. Accordingly, the ‘Settings’ window will become evident on the screen. You will see several categories in the appeared list. From here, you have to find ‘Accounts’ and click on it. 

5 2

Step 2

Consequently, the ‘Account’ interface will be visible inside the ‘Settings’ window. You have to select the ‘Sign-in-options’ from the left side menu. 


Step 3

After that, look at the right portion of the appeared interface. Here you will see the ‘Privacy’ section. You will find an option with the message –‘Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart.’ You have to turn off the option.

7 1

Finally, you may shut down the PC without prompting the discussed error message. If it still prompts, you will need to follow the next fix. 

Fix 3: Install the Pending Windows Update

Another possible fact behind the error occurring would be, your PC may need a pending Windows Update installation. You can execute it manually by following the below steps. 

Step 1

Again, you need the ‘Settings’ window access to apply the fix. To do so, press the Windows and ‘I’ keys together. Then you have to click on the ‘Update & Security’ category from the appeared list.  

8 1

Step 2

After that, you have to select the ‘Windows Update’ section from the left side menu. 

9 1

Step 3

Then, look at the right-side portion. If any update is available with a pending install status, you will have to click on the ‘Install now’ tab. It may take a couple of moments to complete the installation. 

10 1

Finally, shut down the PC. In most cases, this fix solves the discussed issue.

Final Words

Therefore, I would like to recommend you apply fix no. 1 first if someone else is still using this PC. It works in most cases. In addition, you may need to apply to fix no. 3 rarely. 

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