[Fix] The Kernel Power Manager Has Initiated a Shutdown Transition (100% Working)

Do you face an unusual situation like the kernel power manager has initiated a shutdown transition?

You get this happening as a message under the ‘Event ID 109’ while checking the ‘EventViewer’ to find the reason behind the unusual occurrence. 

Simultaneously, you feel tense about your PC health. Therefore, I write this article as your tension reliever indeed. Let’s explore why the issue appeared and what to do with it. 

the kernel power manager has initiated a shutdown transition

Why the Event ID 109 Appeared

‘Event ID 109’ as well as ‘Task Category 103’ appear whenever the PC becomes shut down because of Kernel API (Application Programming Interface). This means the PC shut down randomly without facing any error. In most cases, the Event ID issue has been created because of doing nothing for a long time with the running PC.

Another interesting thing can happen consequently. The PC may start automatically and run any application like a youtube video without your direction. 

What to Do if ‘the Kernel Power Manager Has Initiated a Shutdown Transition’

So, what can you do if you confront the issue? Firstly, you have not be worried as the issue does nothing bad with the PC. 

Moreover, one thing you can apply is to return back the previous session where the PC was kept before the shutdown occurred. To do so, you need to follow the below steps. 

Step 1

Tap the Windows and ‘R’ keys together. Consequently, the ‘Run’ window will appear. 

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Step 2

Here you have to type ‘cmd’ into the ‘Open’ box. Then click on ‘Ok’.

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Step 3

After that, the ‘Command Prompt’ will appear on the screen. You have to type ‘powercfg -lastwake’

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In the end, tap the ‘enter’ button. 

Final Words

Therefore, the issue- ‘the kernel power manager has initiated a shutdown transition’ is not a PC thread or a damage indication. However, you may follow the described steps to return back the position where you left your PC. It’s easy.

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