[Fix] The Processing Of Group Policy Failed on Windows 10 (100% Working)


If you’ve been attempting to use Group Policy, but things aren’t working as expected and you receive an error in the Event Logs stating that Group Policy processing failed. Many users may first be perplexed by the issue, which is to be anticipated given that we do not expect ordinary Windows 10 users to grasp error codes and messages. It’s worth noting that this problem only arises when using gpupdate / force.

the processing of group policy failed

to repair If you receive the Group Policy processing failed due to a lack of network access to a domain controller issue while running gpupdate /force, follow these steps:

1 . Local Security Policy That Is Open

2 . Assigning User Rights

3 . Add a new User or Group to your account.

4 . The Windows Service should be configured to run in the background.

The Steps of Fixing the Processing of Group Policy Failed

1. Local Security Policy That Is Open

So, in this circumstance, the first thing you’ll want to do is activate Local Security Policy. We may accomplish this by hitting Windows + R to open the Run dialog box, then copying and pasting secpol.msc into it and pressing the Enter key.

After that, you should be able to access the Security Policy window, from which you may proceed.

2. Assigning User Rights

The next step is to go to the newly created window and open User Rights Assignment. You may accomplish this by heading to Security Settings and then selecting Local Policies from the drop-down menu. Select User Rights Assignment from the drop-down menu. Finally, double-click on Access this machine from the network to complete the process.

Basically, this function determines which user is allowed to connect to the network from a separate machine.

3. Add a New User or Group to Your Account

Finally, to restore normalcy, you must add a new user or group. We anticipate users to click Add User or Group from the box that comes after double-clicking on Access this machine from the network. Make all of your changes, then click OK to continue.

4. The Windows Service Should Be Configured to Run In the Background

Select the one with the gear symbol under Start Type under Services.

If the state of NetLogon is not Running, then that is why you are experiencing this problem.

Change the Startup Type to Automatic and click the Start button after double-clicking on Netlogon.

Click the OK button after the service is up and running.

Try running gpupdate once more.


The techniques provided above will certainly aid you in addressing Group Policy Processing Failed. These methods appear to be effective for a large number of people. If you wish to try this method first, you can use these methods in any order.

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