[Fix] To Continue to Enter an Admin Username and Password (100% Working)

Windows is demanding an admin username and password for a user account but no input field appears- the ‘Yes’ button is greyed out and there is no way you can continue to enter administrative credentials. Has this type of account restrictions error occurred to your Windows system? The fix is a complicated one, but don’t worry, the article will walk you through smoothly to find the fix for the error.

to continue enter an admin username and password

To Continue to Enter an Admin Username and Password

You need to boot into safe mode and provide an administrative username and password manually using the command prompt. This way Windows will recognize you as an admin. Follow the instructions carefully to fix the error. Although the screenshots provided here are of Windows 10, users of other Windows versions can follow the post with a bit of tweaking.

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon that can be found at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Then, click on the geared icon ‘Settings’ button.


Step 2: From the settings menu, tap on the ‘Update & Security’.


Step 3: From the left bar, click on the ‘Recovery’ option.


Step 4: Under the ‘Advanced startup’ you will see the ‘Restart now’ button; hit the button.


Step 5: You will be directed to blue colored booting menu from where you have to select the ‘Troubleshoot’ option.


Step 6: Next, select the ‘Startup Settings’.


Step 7: Hit the ‘Restart’ button.


Step 8: You will see a list of functions of all the F keys (from F1 to F9). As we want to enable safe mode, hit the F4 button on your keyboard.


Step 9: Enter the password and click on the arrow icon if, of course, you had previously password-enabled the system.


Step 10: Now we are in the safe mode of Windows; that’s why you will see the screen goes black; don’t worry about it. Right-click on the start button and then choose the ‘Run’ option. 


Step 11: Type in ‘cmd’ in the Run box and then hit the ‘OK’ button.


Step 12: In the command prompt window, type in ‘net user administrator /active:yes’ and click on the enter key. Don’t forget to enter space in between words.


Step 13: Windows will reply with a successful message in the command prompt box. Next, enter the following words ‘net user administrator password’ and hit the enter key. Follow the screenshot strictly.


Step 14: Type in ‘exit’ and click on the enter button to exit the command prompt window.


Step 15: Restart the device by clicking the start icon and then the power button.


Step 16: Provide the credentials as the system is back from a restart.


Step 17: You are now logged out of safe mode and logged into normal mode. Click on the Windows search bar and search for the ‘Command Prompt’. Run the app as administrator.


Step 18: Type in ‘net localgroup administrators Admin /add’– you will enter the admin name you had provided in place of ‘Admin’. Next, tap on the enter key.


Step 19: After a successful command, exit from the command prompt window as mentioned before.


Step 20: At last, restart Windows to change all the effects. You should be able to see the ‘Yes’ button whenever WIndows require administrative information and you can enter your username and password.



Your problem should be fixed by now if you were following the post carefully. Thank you for reading. Have a good day!

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