[Fix] Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards (100% Working)

When you see your texts are typing backward even though you are typing forwards, that’s weird, right? Well, you are not alone on this one, but the good news is you can easily fix the issue through some simple solutions. 

Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards

Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards?

Here are some of the solutions that should get your issue fixed. Just go through them one by one & see if the problem is solved or not. 

Solution 1: Changing Your Region Settings

There are many regions r locations where the languages are written from right to left. That’s why you are having typing backward problem. To check your region you need to open up the Control panel.

You will find the “view by” option, so view it by small or large icons. There you will find the region option & click on it. Go to the locations tab  & change the location to the correct location you want. Save the settings & restart your computer. 

Solution 2: Reset Keyboard Settings

If the region is correct now let’s see the settings of your keyboard. Maybe you have accidentality types in the keyboard shortcut to type right to left. Usually, the keyboard shortcut for typing right to left is “Ctrl + Right Shift”. If you want to type left to right, the shortcut is “Ctrl + Left Shift”

If you have a keyboard that has the software you can control, then it’s better for you. You can reset the settings from the software. If this still doesn’t resolve your issue then go to the next one. 

Solution 3: Update your Keyboard Driver

An outdated keyboard driver can cause your typing backward issue. You have to update it to the latest version. Go to your keyboard manufacturer’s website to see the latest version. 

Download & install the latest version. That should solve your problems. 

Solution 4: Configuring the Settings in Your Application

Sometimes you may find that the typing backward problem is only in some specific applications such as the Google Chrome search bar. This is due to the settings of the browser. Copy and paste “about://flags” in the search bar & press enter. 

There are a lot of options there, search for “Force UI Direction” & choose Left to Right there. This should solve your problem in Chrome. 

Can the typing backward problem be due to malware?

It is possible that your computer has been affected by some virus or malware that causes the issue. It’s always best to use good antivirus software to protect your system from this malware


Sometimes the best thing to do is give a good old restart to your whole system. This can solve many issues. Hopefully, you will solve your problems through any of these methods & keep your drivers up to date. 

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