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While going to enable FaceTime, certain users report receiving the following error message: “Could not sign in.” Additional FaceTime issues include “please verify your network connection and try again,” “an error occurred during activation,” as well as other similar difficulties when attempting to activate FaceTime. Because FaceTime activation might take up to a day, it is recommended that you probably wait for one whole before the resolution. If, after 1 entire day, and FaceTime has still not been activated or whether you keep receiving these kinds of problems, follow the instructions below to resolve the problem.

An error occurred during activation

Visit Apple’s System Status webpage to see if any server troubles are affecting FaceTime. When everything is highlighted in green, it will all function properly. Whenever, on the other hand, FaceTime is highlighted in yellow, this indicates that there can be known issues with the server on which Apple is presently working.

Solutions of the Error Occurred During Activation

Method-1: Check several Settings

  1. Link up with a WiFi network or even a mobile internet network to complete the task. SMS texting is required for any iPhone to open your mobile number including both iMessage plus FaceTime. 
  2. Choose Set Automatically Change Your Network Configuration from the Settings menu (Settings then, click on General and afterward select Date and Time). 
  3. Go through Settings and then General and then click on the Reset and select Reset Network Settings from the drop-down menu. This operation deletes all preserved IDS and passwords across all saved sites, as well as any previously saved networks. As a result, only make this change if you are familiar with your IDs as well as passwords.

Method-2: Check Your Apple ID

Check to see the Apple ID and also the password are both accurate. Is your Apple ID a valid email account or just a username and password combination? Regarding FaceTime to work here on touch Bar, you must have an Apple ID which is configured as such an e-mail address. Sometimes when your ID is only a simple username (i.e., it does not contain a @ sign), you will have to either modify this to an email or otherwise just use a new Apple ID using FaceTime.


Verification of all usernames email accounts must always be completed by visiting the Apple ID website. Whenever your Apple ID also isn’t associated with an email account, you should alter it over there.

Sign Out and then Back In


FaceTime may be turned off by selecting Settings and then clicking on FaceTime from the menu bar. Proceed by rebooting your device before returning to Settings then after FaceTime then reactivating the feature once more. On our Macbook, go to FaceTime and click on Preferences. Once you are there, select Settings and then pick Sign Out through the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Return to FaceTime and then Preferences and go to the Settings and pick Sign In from the drop-down menu. Once your Macbook has been rebooted, try your attempt again.

For your login to work, you have to use the exactly same Apple ID that you used during your Apple ID user profile.

Method-3: Try A Different DNS


Several users have reported that updating their DNS settings to Google’s accessible DNS servers (, resolved their FaceTime registration issues, while others have reported no improvement. The IP domains for Google’s Local DNS servers are as regards: and are two different IP addresses. 

After you have completed the DNS updates, turn off the power and restart your tablet or Macbook. Now check FaceTime once more.

Do you suspect that your FaceTime, as well as iMessage accounts, have been blocked or throttled? 

Occasionally, the cause for iMessage but also FaceTime being inaccessible is because of a backside delay or blocking on the server. 

If Apple has reason to believe your account has been seriously compromised, they will flag your profile and apply a ban or restriction on your ability to use these sites. 

If you have any suspicions about something like this, notify Apple immediately!

Method-4: Enable Location Services

Check to see if location services remain enabled on your device. Verify whether Location Services becomes enabled by heading to Settings then choosing the Privacy and picking Location Services and selecting it from the drop-down menu. If that isn’t the case, navigate to Settings > Location Services and enable this feature. 

Open System Preferences and navigate to the Security and Privacy and click on the Privacy tab on your Mac and tick the checkbox under “Enable Location Services” again from the menu bar. 

Other FaceTime activation solutions for Macs have been released.

  1. When you are utilizing FaceTime under a firewall, please refer to Apple Support for more information. It may also be required to deactivate almost every third-party firewall or virus software before attempting FaceTime once more if the problem persists. 
  2. Reset the NVRAM on your computer. FaceTime installation can be affected by the settings saved in the NVRAM periodically. So, close down your computer, then restart it while holding the following 4 keys: Option, Command, P, and R at the same time. Maintain your grip on the keyboard till the Mac begins to restart otherwise, a further startup signal is played.
image 1

Method-5: Reset SMC

  1. Close down your desktop computer. Remove the power from the wall outlet. Take 15 seconds before continuing. Reconnect the power cable if necessary. Then, after 5 seconds, push the power switch to switch on the Mac computer. 
  2. On MacBooks, do the following: Shut down your computer. Remove the power connector from the device and set it aside. When you’re using the installed keyboards, hold down the Shift-Control-button keys on the left corner of your keyboard while pressing and holding down the power option. Hold down these keys as well as the keypad for a total of 10 seconds. Plugin the power connector if necessary. To begin using your Mac laptop, press the Power key.
  1. Certain users have reported about Peer Guardian is operating there in the background while they were using it. They are capable of utilizing FaceTime again when they turned it off. 
  2. Some people from the United States of America have stated that they had to go to a separate location and otherwise return to the place where they would have purchased and registered there; this could be due to a firewall problem. 

Method-6: Look at Your Keychain

  1. Uninstall the iCloud Keychain service. To temporarily disable the use of iCloud Keychain, navigate to System Preferences then, go to the iCloud, and there, you have to deselect the Keychain checkbox.
  2. First, Expand the Keychain Access application (Applications and then Utilities) and enter your password. 

Then, Look for any entries which just include the text “ids”–those have to all appear in there under the category “Kind” as applications passwords. 

Now, Remove the objects from the keychain that you no longer need. 

Next, Look for any products that contain the word FaceTime as well as remove them from the list. 

Finally, Repeat the process for any other entries that include iMessage.

  1. Focus on the critical particular ones: Signing Key for iMessages as well as an encryption key for iMessages – Depending on how many you have, you may only have two and otherwise hundreds. Many readers discover there have 100s of these. 
  2. Delete every one of them.
  1. Restart your Mac

Once macOS has been restarted, it requests and produces fresh key pairs also for iMessage security.

  1. Start singing into an iMessage but rather FaceTime conversation again.
  2. Alternative method: reset your login keychain by following the steps below. To access the Keychain Access menu, go to the Finder and then Utilities. Now, go to the Keychain Access and click on  Preferences, and next, Restart your computer after selecting Reset My Default Keychain.

If you have saved passwords as well as other information in Keychain, following these instructions will remove all of your cached passwords and information. As a result, approach with caution.

image 2

Method-7: Use Terminal

Clearing some past files in Terminals may be necessary to have your iMessage as well as FaceTime back up and running. Please restore your Macs using Time Machine and otherwise your preferred way before proceeding with any further steps. 

  1. Create a Terminal Session by entering the following command accurately: 
  2. remove com.apple.apps.list from /Library/Preferences/com.apple.apps.list 
  3. To run the command, tap the Return key. 
  4. Terminate the Terminal program. 
  5. Restart the Mac computer. 
  6. Run iMessage but rather FaceTime and attempt to sign in once more.

Solutions of Windows 10 Activation Error 

When you see the error number 0x803F7001, it indicates that a legitimate license for activating Windows for your computer could not be located. This can occur for a variety of causes, including: 

It’s the first moment that Windows 10 has indeed been launched on this particular computer system. It is necessary to supply an authentic 25-character Windows 10 license key as well as to acquire a Windows 10 online license to activate the operating system. To purchase a digital license through the Microsoft Store, go to Start and then select the Settings and click on the Update & Security and hit on the Activation and afterwar choose the Go to Microsoft Store. Follow the on-screen directions to purchase a Windows license from the Microsoft Store.

You upgraded the equipment on a Windows 10 computer that had previously been activated. A Microsoft license is tied with the hardware resources of your computer. Now next when you start the computer after making massive hardware modifications (for example, swapping your processor), Windows will not be able to discover a corresponding license for your computer. If Windows came preloaded on the computer, you will need to purchase a second license once you make any changes to it, which includes replacing the CPU. Choose Start and select the Settings then, click on the Update & Security and now hit on Activation from the Start menu, but then just choose the navigate to Microsoft Store from the drop-down menu.

It is possible to include a Windows product key that you are using on the Computer even before the hardware upgrade. To do so, go to the start menu, click on the settings, then, select the update and security, hit on Activation, and then Change product key. 

Aside from that, Microsoft has created an interrupted path for moving the Windows License following a change in equipment. To make the hardware modification and to make use of such an exception route, you must be logged into the very same User account.

Choose Start, then select Settings and click on the Update and Security, choose Activation and afterward Troubleshoot to get to that exception route. If indeed the fixer is unable to remedy the problem, you will be presented with a link to recover your account after just a firmware upgrade. Choose it if you want to continue on this road. If you want to learn more, check out Reactivating Windows 10 following a firmware upgrade. 

You unintentionally reinstalled the incorrect installation of Windows 10. Once you upgrade Windows 10 by using an online license, you’ll be prompted to select the edition of the operating system to install. When you select a version other than that of which you have been granted permission to use, you might have the error shown above.

If you feel you have installed the incorrect version, go to Start and select Settings from there. Once you are in the settings, click on the Update & Security and then choose Activation, and afterward select Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu. It will notify you and walk you through the process of installing the right version if the fixer finds a genuine Windows 10 online license for such a version that is not currently installed.

Make sure you do have a hard copy of the Windows product key, which is a 25-character code that you may use to activate your Windows. 

If your computer has just been serviced by an independent repair facility, you should check with them to see if the repairs necessitate the purchase of a new Windows 10 license. 

If the computer is brand new and has never been activated, contact the maker of the computer.


If you are facing this windows activation error, you have to try the methods above to fix it.

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