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When you see  “The Sims 3 Error Code 12” in the game’s manual describes it as a “world save failure.” This indicates that your device’s RAM was insufficient that will save the context of the game record, resulting in a save error. Making resources available throughout a “Sims 3” round is probably a more effective way to resolve the issue; however, modifying your financial skills can often prevent the fault or even accurate it.

Sims 3 Error Code 12

The Methods of Resolving Sims 3 Error Code 12 

Today, we’ll go through how to resolve the Sims 3 Error Code 12, which is frequently encountered while playing the Sims 3 game. This warning message indicates that you do have not sufficient memory to save these games, and so as a reason, you were unable to save your game data successfully. Keep reading and take a look at the Ways to Resolve This Error During Enjoying The Sims 3 to help you out.

Symptoms of the Error

1. Characters or game graphics may not properly load when they are first loaded. 

2. You may lose access to any previously saved files. You could also avoid this by saving the playing file and not loading it until you reboot your session. 

3. If you are building your sim option or when you are changing your family, your game may take an excessive amount of time to reload or it may crash while unloading. In addition, your game may abruptly terminate or reroute you returning to your computer. 

5. Your computer may abruptly stop operating, and you will be forced to reload your system as a result of this. 

6. Your email address or password may become out of sync with the game screen. 

7. Even if you have typed the correct combination of letters and numbers, you may be prohibited from logging through to games.

8. your saved items may become corrupted. 

If you are not concerned about losing your stored data, then each of these issues may be resolved quickly and easily by simply reloading your game. Because these issues are only short-term, you won’t have to worry about them too much. However, if you have become extremely frustrated by these issues, I can assure you that by implementing some quick solutions, Error Code 12 in Sims 3 will get completely resolved. 

On November 19, 2009, the firm released a patch that addressed the issue of these types of errors in the game. After installing the patch for The Sims 3 Pets, you should be able to simply resolve this Sims 3 Error Code 12, but if you are playing The Sims 3 Showtime, this error may recur.

What is Sims 3 Error Code 12?

The most common cause of Sims 3 Error Code 12 is that the player does not have enough memory to save the game correctly. 

This issue will appear if you attempt to perform a large amount of action while generating a Sim mode, such as changing attire or making plans for the Sim. 

This error code inside this Sims 3 game is caused by a large amount of processing in your Memory, which then results in a lack of available storage space when storing game data.

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If you are trying to save every game in The Sims 3, you will receive an error code 12. Inadequate RAM is allocated to save video games, resulting in this error. Therefore, The Sims 3 shows the following warning message: The unexpected problem occurred when having saved: Error Code 12. Because of this, whenever error code 12 occurs, players are unable to save the progress.

Consider the Following Alternative Approaches for Error Code 12

Close all open apps and software in the background.

Step 1: First and foremost, before playing The Sims 3, allocate more memory for the game by shutting all background applications and also processes. To access the Task Manager panel, select it from the context menu on the taskbar.

1 4

Step 2: Close all of the applications mentioned under Apps simply choosing End Task from the context menu when you right-click on them. 

Step 3: After that, terminate any background processes associated with third-party apps that are mentioned inside Background processes. The easiest tasks to end are those that are associated with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Windows 10 programs, including Edge,  Skype, Photos, Mail, and so on. 

Step 4: In contrast, look to see if any symbols for third-party applications are displayed in your settings menu. The apps can be closed from this location by right-clicking each and choosing the correct exit (close) button.

Increase the Amount of Ram Allocated to the Pagefile

  1. Increase the actual RAM limit (pagefile) for The Sims 3 to see if it helps. In Windows 10, you may do this by clicking the Type here to search button first on the toolbar. 
  2. Inside the search window, type “adjust” into it. 
  3. For opening the page shown in the screenshot right below, select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows from the drop-down menu.
2 11
  1. After that, click on the Advanced tab.
  2. Press the Change button.
  3. To make the change, click the Change option.
  4. Uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option on the Advanced tab. 
  5. Choose your C: drive as the destination. 
  6. Click the Custom size option from the drop-down menu. 
3 12
  1. As well as in the Initial as well as Maximum text fields, provide a RAM size that is two GB greater than the amount of RAM you now have available. When entering a value, be sure that it is identical for both. 
  2. To close the window, use the OK button. 
  3. On its Performance Options panel, tap the Apply button.

Start to Save Using the Save as an Option

Rather than choosing Save, you might want to try choosing Save As as an alternative. Then rename the save games file to something different from what it was originally named. Additionally, be sure that the file name of your recorded games does not contain any spaces.

4 11

Delete All Game Save Folders From Your Computer

  1. Some Sims 12 users have reported that removing game saved folders having finished with a .bad extension has helped them resolve error 12. To begin, select the File Explorer icon just on Windows 10 toolbar to open the File Explorer application. 
  2. Using File Explorer, navigate to the following folder: C: UsersUSER FOLDERDocumentsElectronic ArtsC: UsersUSER FOLDERDocumentsElectronic Arts The Sims 3Saves. 
  3. Choose all categories in Saves that have a.bad extension first at the ends of the entries after that, and then click Close. 
  4. To remove the. bad folders, use the Delete key. 
  5. Identify the folders that contain the names of your saved games and which have the.sims3 or. backup extensions there at the ending of their names. Afterward, on the Home tab of the File Explorer, select the Cut option from the drop-down menu.
  6. Create a new folder by selecting New and Folder from the context menu on your desktop.
5 9

  1. Backup should be the name of the folder. 
  2. Then go to the Backup folder and double-click it. The paste will copy the sliced folders inside the current directory if you choose this option.

Reduce the Graphical Settings in the Sims 3

  1. You can also reduce the amount of RAM used by The Sims 3 by decreasing the game’s visual settings. Start The Sims 3: Worlds Apart. 
  2. To access the Options menu, simply click on the dots icon in the lower-left corner of the game. 
  3. Choose the Graphics option from the drop-down menu.
6 9
  1. Then choose a significantly reduced resolution also for the game’s display settings. 
  2. Reduce the number of options available by adjusting the Detail Settings panels. 
  3. It is also possible that disabling the Enable Fullscreen Mode configuration and playing the Sims 3 in windows mode will help to overcome error 12. 
  4. To make the changes permanent, hit on the tick icon.


That list of possible solutions for Sims 3’s problem code 12 is surely worth a look. You may also try using a game booster application to increase the amount of RAM available for Sims 3.

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