How to Fix If Scan to Computer Is Currently Unavailable (100% Working)

You have got the message saying scan to computer is currently unavailable on and on while trying to use your HP printer. Consequently, you feel tense about the error message and find the possible fixes here and there.

Scan to Computer Is Currently Unavailable

Truly, you have come to the right place. I am writing this article to give you the exact solving methods to escort you from the discussed issue. 

Let’s explore.   

What to Do When ‘Scan to Computer Is Currently Unavailable’

The message is appeared because of the software or hardware dysfunctionality. Whatever the reason is, it is solvable. You will get the proper guide to resolve the issue from this article. 

Before jumping into details, check the list of the possible methods first. 

  • Method 1: Disable Scan to Computer
  • Method 2: Check for Driver Update
  • Method 3: Disable ScanToPCActivationApp
  • Method 4: Re-plug Power Cord

Method 1: Disable Scan to Computer

When you face the problem, the very first thing you can try to disable the ‘Scan to Computer’ from the setting. I will attach the process below. 

Step 1

Tap the Windows key and type ‘hp printer assistant’. Consequently, the ‘HP Printer Assistant’ preface will be visible. You have to open it. 

Step 2

After that, select the ‘Print & Scan’ tab from the menu bar of the appeared Assistant window. Then click on the ‘Manage Scan to Computer’ option. You will find it under the ‘Scan’ section.

1 14

Step 3

Then, unmark the ‘Automatically start Scan to Computer when I log on to Windows’ box. After that, press the ‘Disable’ tab and close the Printer Assistant. 

2 22

Next, Restart the PC. Then reopen the Printer Assistant and check the ‘Manage Scan to Computer’ portion. Will the error message still appear or not?

Method 2: Check for Driver Update

Sometimes, you may solve the issue by updating the printer driver simply. So, you need to check whether any update is available or not. I will include the full process below.

Step 1

Right-click on the Start menu. A list of some system-based features will appear. From here, you have to choose the ‘Device Manager’. You will see it on the upper side of the appeared list.

3 22

Step 2

Accordingly, the ‘Device Manger’ window will become evident on the screen. You have to find the ‘Print queues’ from the list and expand it.

4 21

Step 3

Next, right-click on the required device and click on the ‘Update driver’ option. Consequently, the process will start. You have to follow the on-screen direction to complete the update. 

5 20

Finally, you have to reboot the PC. Then recheck the existence of the issue. If the error message still appears, you will need to follow some other methods to resolve it. 

Method 3: Disable ScanToPCActivationApp

Rarely you may relate this method with your usual usage of the PC. But it can resolve the issue. To do so, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1

Again, right-click on the Start menu. Then, click on the ‘Task Manager’ from the appeared list. You will find it in the middle portion of the interface. 

6 19

Step 2

Accordingly, the ‘Task Manager’ window will be visible. You have to tap the ‘Startup’ tab from the upper menu bar.

7 18

Step 3

After that, find and right-click on the ‘ScanToPCActivationApp’ option. As a result, there will come into view some options including the ‘Disable’. You have to click on it. You will also get the ‘Disable’ option on the right bottom. 

8 18

At the end of the process, restart the PC and examine the error message. If it still appears, you will have to apply the hardware related fix.

Method 4: Re-plug Power Cord

When upper methods don’t work for you, you need to try the hardware-related fix. Here, I will attach the process of how you can do it. 

Step 1

At first, switch off the printer and shut down the PC properly.

Step 2

Separate the power cord of the printer and PC from the electricity supply.

Step 3

You have to leave the printer and PC for 10 minutes alone. Then replug them again. 

Finally, check the issue. Hopefully, you will get rid of the error message at last. 

Final Words

Therefore, the ‘Scan to computer is currently unavailable’ issue is not critical, unsolvable, or device-fractional. The issue doesn’t indicate that the printer is at high risk. In fact, it is easy to solve. You would just follow the methods carefully.   

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