How to log out of Minecraft Windows 10? Steps to Follow

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As soon as you log in to this Minecraft game, you engage yourself inside the game and for each of the realms that have been merged or that you may construct, and you spend some time making even more things. However, when it comes time to log out, there is no choice of logging out of Minecraft. In many cases, you consider closing the session, however, this does not indicate that the process has been canceled. When another player logs into the Minecraft match, they will still be in your account and will be able to make updates to the platform without our knowledge.

How to log out of Minecraft Windows 10

The standard is to log out of Minecraft when you’re not currently using it as well as the system is accessible by others. This ensures that your data is preserved. I will explain the proper method to use to close a Minecraft game and stop someone who does not have permission from viewing our feats and plans. Once the game has been properly launched, you may begin playing in Minecraft.

log out of Minecraft on Windows 10

Step 1: First, you have to open the Run box. For this, you have to go to the search engine of your Windows and type ‘Run’ in there. From the results, you have to click on the Run. Alternatively, you can also press ‘Windows key+R’ from your keyboard at a time to open the Run dialog box.

Step 2: Once the Run dialog box opens on your screen, you have to type the following command in the command line:

% localappdata% \ packages \ microsoft.minecraftuwp_8WEKYB3D8BBWE \ localstate \ games \ com.mojang \ minecraftpe 

After typing the command, you have to press Enter key.

Step 3: Now, you have to click on the Ok. There you have to open the options.txt file.

Step 4: When the file opens, you have to change the values of the two lines. The lines and the value that you have to set are the following. 

• game_haseverloggedintoxbl: 0

• game_haschosennottosignintoxbl: 1

Step 5: As a result, when you restart Minecraft, you will see that the game has been shut down, and you will have to hit on “Start session” to reenter the details and play then: 

It is simple to log out of Minecraft on Windows 10 if it is needed using this procedure.


You may find logging out of Minecraft is difficult as there is no ‘Log out’ option in this game. But you can log out of Minecraft very easily with these simple steps.

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