How to Remove Yourself from Microsoft Family Account as a Child?

It must be known to you that you cannot remove yourself from Microsoft family if you were logged into the account as a child. It is so obvious why Microsoft does not allow a child to remove itself without permission from the organizer account. However, you may have mistakenly entered the family group as a child and now you would like to leave it. Are you having trouble doing this task? Don’t worry; this post will walk you through finding a way to remove yourself as a child from the Microsoft family account.

how to remove yourself from microsoft family as a child

How to Remove Yourself from Microsoft Family Account as a Child?

The adult members of the Microsoft family group can easily leave the group by logging into their accounts and clicking the ‘leave’ button. But it is not a piece of cake if you are a child member. You need to declare yourself not being a child anymore if you want to leave the group. Simply speaking, you have to change your birth year and make your age 18+ in order to get recognition as an adult. How to do it? Follow me-

Step 1: From your browser, go to and log into your child’s account. 

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Step 2: Click on your account name/ logo that should be at the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on the ‘My Microsoft account’ option.

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Step 3: Next, click on the ‘Your info’ option from the top bar.

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Step 4: Tap on the ‘Edit profile info’ and change the birth year. Make sure that your age is 18 years or above.

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Step 5: Now, go to and log into your account with the necessary credentials. 

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Step 6: Scroll down to find the ‘Leave family group’ button and hit the button. That’s it; your problem should be solved. You may have failed before trying to leave the group but now as your age is denoted 18+ you can easily remove yourself from the Microsoft family.

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You can also navigate to Settings> Accounts> Family and other members and remove yourself completely from Microsoft Windows which you could not do before as a child.


You got your answer but here is a caution- one should not increase one’s age and leave the Microsoft family unless it is urgent and necessary. Microsoft put together this feature to ensure child’s security in the web (World Wide Web) world. Hence, we should not misuse the trick described in the post.

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