[Fixed] Microphone Picking Up Headset Audio (100% Working)


Microphone picking up headset audio is a kind of weird error you face while using the PC. Yes, it is weird but not impossible to happen. And, you are not alone who confronting the error.

You might try to solve it by unplugging the headset and injecting again or restarting the PC and so on. But nothing could help you. That’s why you are here.

I understand your situation. So in the entire article, I will include some possible fixes that you can apply to solve the weird error

microphone picking up headset audio

Why Is Microphone Picking Up Headset Audio?

The main reason behind the error is a mismatch in the combination between the Microphone and the Headset. In some cases, it occurs for misleading commands or some by-default settings.  

However, the great thing is, you can solve the error. If you want the solution, you need to move forward with the article.  

What to Do If Microphone Picking Up Headset Audio?

Whatever the reason is, the error can be fixed. Here I compile a couple of fixes to solve the error. Let’s have a glimpse of the list first-

  • Fix 1: Audio Troubleshooting
  • Fix 2: Disable Irrelevant Audio Devices
  • Fix 3: Turn Playback into Zero

Fix 1: Audio Troubleshooting

Audio Troubleshooting can be the best solution for this type of weird error. You need to follow the below steps to apply the fix.

Step 1

Tap the Windows key and type ‘troubleshoot settings’. While the System settings preview appears on the screen, you have to click on it.

1 7

Step 2

Consequently, the ‘Troubleshoot’ interface will be visible. Scroll down and find the ‘Additional troubleshooters’ section. Whenever you find it, you need to enter it into the section.

2 10

Step 3

After that, you need to select the ‘Playing Audio’ option. You will find it on the upper side. Click on it. Then ‘Run the troubleshooter’ option will be visible. While clicking on it, the troubleshooting will start.

3 10

Step 4

Wait for a while to detect the trouble. The process will prompt the troubleshooting result consequently. You have to follow the on-screen direction one by one to complete the process.

4 9

Step 5

Finally, you will see a new interface with the process confirmation.

5 8

After getting the confirmation, check the issue. Does it exist, or not?

Fix 2: Disable Irrelevant Audio Devices

The error can occur for misleading connections between some irrelevant audio devices. In this case, you need to disable the irrelevant device driver from your computer. To do so, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1

Right-click on the ‘Audio’ icon that will possibly be visible on the right side of the Taskbar. Then you need to choose the ‘Sounds’ section from among other sections.

6 8

Step 2

Consequently, the ‘Sound’ window will become evident. From here, you have to tap the ‘Recording’ tab.

7 8

Step 3

Then, right-click on all the options one by one that will not relate to the microphone and select ‘Disable’ each time. Then press ‘Apply’. At the end of the process, tap the ‘Ok’ tab to confirm the change.

8 8

Finally, check the result of the change-making.

Fix 3: Turn Playback into Zero

A setting issue related to Playback is rare but happens in a few cases. So, if you still face the error, you can turn the Playback level into zero. The process will be described below.

Step 1

Again you need to right-click on the ‘Audio’ icon and select the ‘Sounds’ section. Whenever the ‘Sound’ window will appear, you need to tap the ‘Playback’ tap.

9 8

Step 2

Inside the ‘Playback’ tab, you will find the headset device. From here, you have to select it and press the ‘Properties’ option.

10 8

Step 3

As a result, a new window will appear on the screen. You need to tap the ‘Levels’ tab and turn it ‘0’. After that, you have to press the ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’ then to complete the process.

11 7

Finally, you need to check the existence of the error. Hopefully, you will recover the issue.

Final Words

In the end, let’s recap the fixes of microphone picking up headset audio error within a sentence. Fix no. 3 is a settings-based solution whether you need to try fix no. 2 if it happens for misconnection and fix no. 1 is the most common method that people use to solve any PC error. 

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