[Fix] Microsoft Account Doesn’t Exist (100% Working )

Sometimes you might have problems logging into your Microsoft account & you see the error message “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different email address or get a new account”. There are a variety of reasons this might pop up & even some fixes you can try. 

Microsoft Account Doesn’t Exist

Why Error Message Microsoft Account Doesn’t Exist

There are a number of things this message might indicate. Such as:

Person Logging in is using an Alias

If you have renamed the affected email address into a new account, then the original account will become an Alias. Now suppose you are using the original account AKA the Alias to log in. This will trigger the system to prompt the error message. 

You have to log in using the new account, to have a solution to the error. 

Mistyping the Email Address 

Mistyping the email address will also prompt the same error message. So you need to be sure that you have typed in the correct email address. 

Not Accessing The Account For 365 Days

Your account will be permanently deleted if you haven’t logged in to the system due to inactivity for 365 days. At this point, you need to recreate the account as a new account if it is still available. 

Steps to Fix That Account Doesn’t Exist Problem

Finding Your Account Name From Windows

You need to go to the start menu or windows icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen. From there click settings. There you have to go into Accounts Settings. 

Select the Email & accounts tab, there you’ll find the list of all the Microsoft accounts names. Check whether your Microsoft account is present or not. 

Check Account Type

Account may contribute to seeing the earring message. Because you can’t sign in to all Microsoft apps with the same email address. Work or school accounts, on the other hand, cannot be used to access other Microsoft services like Xbox. 

By choosing the correct account type, this problem may be overcome. 

Microsoft Account Has Been Deleted

If you haven’t used your account or haven’t been active for more than 2 years, then it can permanently delete any account. In such cases, you have no access to Microsoft services through that account. 

You have to create a new account from the Microsoft Signup page & set a new account. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find out my Microsoft account name and password?

To regain access to your Microsoft account, go to the Microsoft Sign-in page and select Sign in choices. To restore your account, follow the recovery steps and use your Skype ID, email address, or phone number.

How Do I Enable Microsoft Account In Windows 10?

You need to go to the start menu & then click settings. From there click accounts. On the left, you would find the info tab. Move To The Right Side, Click the “Sign In With A Microsoft Account Instead” Option.


This should solve the Microsoft Account Doesn’t Exist problem for you. Follow the steps carefully & see whether you have done everything right. If you still find problems then check with a technician who can help you in this regard. 

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