[Fix] My HP 3830 Won’t Print (100% Working)

HP 3830 or HP OfficeJet 3830 is an all-in-one inkjet printer. This printer has capability of printing both B&W and color with ease. It uses the original HP ink and has a wireless feature. Sometimes it may not print due to several issues such as unavailable error, not responding, print job stuck et cetera.

We will learn more about its issues and troubleshooting.

My HP 3830 Wont Print

Why My HP 3830 Won’t Print – Common Issues

Technology is incomplete without drawbacks. HP 3830 printer is no exception. Here are some common issues with it –

How to Fix HP 3830 Won’t Print Issue?

Since our topic is related to the printer’s inactivity in printing, we will know about some issues and their solutions in detail. 

1. Printer Is Not Available Error

In this matter, while printing anything from any android device, a message is shown like “This printer isn’t available right now”. The following methods will help to resolve this problem –

Use HP Print Service Plugin:

Step 1: Install HP Print Service Plugin.

Step 2: Click Start and close the app.

Step 3: Open the file to print.

Step 4: Click More, then Print. “This printer isn’t available right now” message will appear, ignore it.

Step 5: Now, click on the down arrow in upper-right corner.

Step 6: Select HP OfficeJet 3830 which is not grayed out. Tap the Print icon.

Step 7: Then select HP Print Service Plugin option, click OK.

It will start to print the file.

Reset devices:

Step 1: Turn off and later on the printer.

Step 2: Reset the router by disconnecting the power cable for a while and reconnecting it.

Step 3: Restart the phone or tablet too.

Check network and setup requirements:

Step 1: Check for any network issues or setup requirements according to printer availability.

Step 2: Look for the signal quality to find out if there is any need for improvement.

Step 3: Ensure that the printer is ready to perform and both printer and mobile device are connected to the same network.

Step 4: The printer light may turn off or blinks if the printer is disconnected from the network. To reconnect, first, open Setup > Network > Wireless Settings menu. Then click on Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions and select a suitable network name and password.   

Clean print spooler:

Step 1: Press Windows + R.

Step 2: Type “services.msc” in the bar to display Service Window.

Step 3: Search Print Spooler.

Step 4: Right click Print Spooler and click Stop.

Step 5: Type “C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS” in the address bar. Go for it and delete all files in the folder.

Step 6: Now, restart the Print Spooler service by clicking Start.

Print spooler will get cleared.

There is a slight chance that the mobile device may not compatible with the HP printing method. In that case, install HP Smart app to setup guided printer. 

2. Print Jobs Get Stuck in The Print Queue

When a print job gets stuck in the queue, it does not allow further print jobs to print. To overcome this issue, execute the following methods –

Diagnose printer status:

Step 1: First, Load paper in main tray.

Step 2: Download HP Print and Scan Doctor as instructed (to trace and solve printing and scanning issues on windows). Open it.

Step 3: Click Start to select printer to diagnose. If the printer is missing then click on My product is not listed. Then troubleshoot the connection.

Clean print spooler (Same method in Printer Is Not Available Error). It will create a proper windows printing environment.

Reinstall the HP Print Driver:

Step 1: Unplug USB cables from the printer.

Step 2: Go to Windows menu and search Add or remove programs. Then check HP OfficeJet 3830 in the program list.

Step 3: If it is there then uninstall it. If it is not, then search and open Printers & Scanners.

Step 4: Click on the model name, then click on Remove device. Click Yes after showing User Account Control message.

Step 5: To remove the application, follow the given instructions and restart the computer.

Step 6: Finally, finish the procedure by downloading and updating the print driver.  

3. Printer is Offline or Not Responding

This is another common issue in the printer. In this case, on any computer, the printer status shows offline and it does not work. To get rid of this matter –

  • Look for that suitable ink cartridges are installed with sufficient ink to accomplish the job.
  • Ensure that suitable papers are loaded properly in the input tray.
  • Make sure that the printer is neither in sleep mode nor off.
  • Confirm that there is no blinking lights or error messages on printer’s control panel display.
  • If any error shows up, then restart the printer for a while to prevent it.

These are the issues related to our main query with concrete solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did my HP printer stop working?

There are some probabilities for inactivity of a printer. Make sure that your HP printer is completely installed with sufficient ink, paper and internet connection (if needed). Check if there is any paper jammed or printer cartridge is in a good status. Sometimes HP printers stop printing due to replacing its part. In that case, have a proper look.

Why my HP printer not printing though it’s connected?

In this case, a hard reset is suitable solution. Turn off your computer, disconnect the power cord for at least one minute, then connect it again. If it fails then try turn both the printer and the computer off and later turn on again. You may also reinstall or update the driver.


I hope this article will help you to overcome such problems with ease by following the relevant solutions. None the less, I am providing a brief instruction to make it easier –

  • Perform a hard reset.
  • Use paper and ink or toner that are compatible with the printer (refer user manual).
  • Update the printer drivers at regular intervals.  

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