[Fix] Office XP Service Pack 3 Error 0x800960043 (100% Working)

When executing Windows Update in Windows XP Service Pack 3, the error 0x80096004 may occur automatically, you have no influence on as soon as you are online. The error code Probable Causes of Office XP Service Pack 3 appears as a result of problems with Windows 10’s automated updates.

What is ‘Office XP Service Pack 3 Error’?

Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Windows XP is the third significant upgrade for the operating system. It includes all previous XP updates, as well as new security patches and a few stability improvements.

Office xp service pack 3 error 0x800960043

Most of the time, Office XP Service Pack 3 appears when an error code appears as a result of problems with Windows 10’s automated upgrades. The error code Probable Causes of Office XP Service Pack 3 appears as a result of problems with Windows 10’s automated updates. This error code might be caused by damage to the Windows system files. This problem can occur if the installation or uninstalling processes were incomplete, or if apps were not eliminated properly. Additionally, if your system is infected with malware, the system files may become corrupted.

You may install Office 365 and upgrade your Surface Pro 3 tablet from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. After installing the automated Windows update, Office XP Service Pack 3 fails to install on a regular basis, and the Error 0x80096004 message appears.

How to Solve – ‘Office Xp Service Pack 3 Error 0x800960043’

There are various methods to solve this particular problem. Some methods are described below:

1. As a first step, go to the Microsoft website and download the ‘show or hide updates’ for your desktop. After that, you’ll need to double-click the file to launch it. You should check the box for applying repairs automatically in the ‘Advanced’ page. Then, in order to detect problems, you should click the ‘next’ button. The option to ‘hide updates’ will appear next. Then, select the XP service pack 3 option and click ‘close.’ Finally, you’ll need to restart the computer to save the modifications you’ve made.

2. You can also use the Windows Update troubleshooter to try to resolve the issue. To do so, go to the control panel and put ‘Troubleshooter’ in the search box. After that, navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab and pick ‘Windows Update.’ After that, select ‘Run as an administrator’ to finish the procedure.

3. Another option is to temporarily disable the automatic updating mechanism, which would also prevent the Office XP upgrade from being re-installed. To complete this step, press the keys ‘Windows+R’ on your keyboard. Then, in order to open the local group policy editor, you must go to the dialog box. After that, go to the right pane and double-click on the option for establishing the Windows updates policy. After you’ve disabled it, you’ll need to click ‘ok’ to finish the process.

Sometimes it appears that the most recent version of Windows 10 no longer supports updates for Office XP. Obviously, this issue will appear once you upload your old Frontpage files to my computer. It will attempt to download updates for “Office XP Service Pack 3,” but it will plainly fail to owe to a compatibility issue. As a result, the solution is to disable Windows Update for ALL OTHER WINDOWS PRODUCTS. This is how it’s done:

Select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced settings from the drop-down menu. Set the slider to OFF under Pause Updates.

The disadvantage is that, while Windows 10 will continue to be automatically updated, other Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Office will not. Otherwise, you’ll need to delete all old office files and, of course, purchase the most recent versions.

Even if you follow the steps above, you may still be unable to resolve Office XP Service Pack 3 Error 0x80096004. As a result, you can contact us at the MS Office Support Number for assistance. The tech support team is made up of dedicated and skilled individuals who excel at what they do. First and foremost, we will carefully listen to your concerns and propose solutions. You also have the option of chatting with the managers via the live chat platform. As a result, seek the help of professionals to relieve your stress.


This is a common error occurring from Windows Update some time after upgrading to Windows 10. But rest assured. You don’t have to climb a mountain to solve this problem. By following the procedures stated above, one can easily overcome this problem.

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