[Fixed] Resetting This PC Stuck at 1 (100% Working)

“Reset this PC” is a standard feature on Windows 10 and 11. If a pc isn’t performing optimally, some individuals prefer to restore the system to its factory default settings. This procedure is extremely prone to failure. Many users have complained about the difficulty of resetting their computers when they are stuck at 1 percent, 24 percent, 62 percent, 64 percent, 66 percent, 99 percent, and so on. A technical error, driver trouble, or a botched-up Operating system installation could all be contributing factors to this issue. 

While operating with Windows 10 device, a large number of people say that the operating system contains bugs that cause a variety of complex difficulties therein computer, thus it is difficult to resolve these troubles.

Resetting this pc stuck at 1

When a computer experiences boot-related problems, the vast majority of Windows 10 users opt to reset the operating system to resolve the issue. 

Some issues may arise, such as the Windows Reset your PC option not functioning, Windows operating system reset stuck 99 percent, 66 percent, 33 percent, 12 percent, 8 percent, 1 percent, and this Pc reset stuck for some moments, among other things. 

Normally, resetting any computer may require a few mins; you should wait at this time. However, you may encounter the following condition from time to time: For several hours, the Windows 10 reset is stuck on the moving circle. As a result, you must solve the situation.

If you are experiencing reset stuck as well as reset failed difficulty on your pc, don’t worry. You can start forcing your device to shut down then restart it to check if it returns to the very same display. If this is the case, you can correct it by following the steps outlined below.

7 Methods of Resetting PC Stuck at 1

Method 1: Wait for Sometimes

There are still a variety of reasons why a Windows 10/11 computer may become stuck at 1 percent after rebooting. However, if indeed the hard drive Indicator light continues to flicker, it indicates at the very least that the resetting procedure is now in progress. 

Many people who have tried it have complained that the entire process took a long time. To ensure that the reset procedure is completed completely, rather than speeding into operation, you might keep the performance of your computer overnight.

Method 2: Disconnect the Internet Connection if It Is Currently Active

Following the reset, your computer may become stuck when downloading essential updates. It is possible to resolve your Windows 10 manufacturing reset stuck problem by disabling the Internet access. 

You can simply disconnect your device’s Ethernet cord or power off the wifi router to give it a shot.

Method 3: Change your BIOS Settings

Various BIOS functions can occasionally make your system become unresponsive, resulting in the Operating system reset stuck issue. You can access BIOS and perform the following actions: 

1. Stop Secure Boot by pressing F12 on your keyboard. 

2. Enable the Legacy Boot feature. 

3. If such a CSM feature is available, select it and click OK. 

4. Enable booting from a USB drive. 

5. Make a bootable disk or USB device its first drive to boot from. 

Restore the previous settings and do a factory reset once more.

Method 4: Perform Startup Repair

1. Prepare a DVD and perhaps USB drive and load the pc setup file to it. 

2. Select the boot order from the BIOS menu and place the DVD / USB device at the forefront. 

3. When you receive the ability to boot into the Windows setup window, select Repair your Computer from the drop-down menu. 

4. After that, select Troubleshoot and then, click on the Advanced Options and hit Startup Repair from the drop-down menu. 

Now you have to continue with the on-screen directions to resolve the pc reset stuck trouble that you are experiencing.

Method 5: Clear the Install Windows

It is necessary to be ready to risk the previous Windows setup and perform a fresh install to restore your computer to its previous state assuming you may not have the image backup. Don’t miss to back up your computer to a USB device in advance for preventing data loss if necessary.

To generate the installation media, you must first download the Windows Media Creation Tool. 

Once you’ve finished creating your media. Restart your pc after inserting the Windows setup DVD or USB drive into the DVD ROM. 

Once the computer boots up, press a certain key (often F2 or F12) to jump into BIOS then adjust the boot sequence because your system will load first from installation disks instead of the hard drive.

image9 2

When required to choose the installation type, pick Custom: Install Windows just at the bottom.

Method 6: Restore Your Computer Using System Image Backup

To perform a system restoration with MiniTool ShadowMaker, you have to enter WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) to complete the task. The Builder Media function of this application allows you to generate a boot disk USB drive and CD/DVD that can be used to boot into WinPE. 

To fix the computer reset stuck 1% issue, go into BIOS and configure the removable disk as the very first boot option so that it loads the MiniTool ShadowMaker program first.

Step 1: Inside the WinPE window, you will notice that MiniTool ShadowMaker will automatically open to the Web page. Then you must navigate to the Restore tab to perform a restore point. 

Step 2: If you look at this window, you may be able to have the system backup that you have made. After that, click on the Restore to proceed to the next stage.

image6 1

Step 3: In step three, you can check to see if the backup item you need to secure is included in the current backup version. To proceed to step 4, simply click the Next button.

image2 2

Step 4: Default settings will ensure that all sectors contained in the chosen backup file would be verified. Following that, you may select which disks you would like to restore. However, in this case, as with system restoration, all system sectors are required. 

MBR, as well as Track 0, should be verified to do a complete restoration to resolve the pc reset stuck 1% problem.

image7 2

Step 5: Following that, you must select a destination disk so you’ll be able to recover the computer backup image. Now hit just on Start then OK buttons to proceed. 

It is not permitted to restore your backup image to such a disk that already contains data backup. In the destination disk selection dialog box, ShadowMaker will alert you here to a particular partition that’ll be reimaged by the images. In most cases, the system management disk will be an excellent option to use.

image3 2

Step 6:  Then MiniTool can begin the process of restoring your files. This procedure will take some time to complete. P, please be patient while we process your request. 

image5 3

So, all the system restoration procedures are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Afterward, your Windows will be able to function normally.

image1 3

Method 7:  Run Startup Repair Using the Windows Repair Disc

It is also simple, and you may use a bootable CD to execute Startup Repair on your pc to fix the problem. Let’s take a glance at the information. 

Step 1: Download the Windows installation files using the internet then saving them to either a USB drive or even a DVD is the very first stage of the process. 

Step 2: Through using bootable DVD, reboot your pc when you have finished preparing the setup file. It is necessary to access your BIOS and configure the Flash drive as well as DVD as the initial backup device by pressing the “↑↓” button for completing the task.

Step 3: Now, once you enter the Windows installation screen, you will notice that the choice is labeled Repair your computer. Select this option to bring up the Troubleshooting interface. 

Step 4: Next, select Advanced options then execute Startup Repair to resolve the problem of resetting this PC stuck at 1% of its maximum possible performance.

image4 2

Step 5: Select a user account as well as type the password to resolve the resetting this pc stuck problem.


If you are facing the problem of resetting this pc stuck at 1%, then, you can try the above methods to fix this.

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