[SOLVED] Caps Lock Won’t Turn Off in Windows 10 (100% Working)


It would be a worrying matter if the ‘Caps Lock’ doesn’t turn off while typing. Yes, the problem sounds inconvenient. But you are not the only one who faces it.

Whatever, the problem is solvable. There may be something wrong with the hardware, software, internal settings, or even outdated driver can be a reason too.

What to Do If Caps Lock Won't Turn Off in Windows 10

In the entire article, I will disclose all the possible fixes by which you can turn off the caps lock.

What Do You Need to Do if the Caps Lock Won’t Turn Off?

Caps lock is a commonly used keyboard key. It is a dedicated key used for capitalizing letters.

But it might occur that the caps lock won’t turn off even after pressing the key. Your keyboard can be stuck in caps lock and got all the letters uppercase.

Close And Re-open the Program

You may face that you try but can’t turn off the caps lock. The issue will become evident while typing something on the Word, Browser, Notepad, or related something. Here, you need to close the running program first.

After a while, re-open the program. If you see that the problem has vanished, it would be great. But if still, the caps lock won’t turn off, then you need to look for the next solution. 

Restart Your Computer

At this stage, I would urge you to restart your computer. Restarting the computer is an easy but prominent solution to every technical problem that works most of the time.

Like this, the solution also might work for the stuck caps lock issue. After doing so, I would ask you to check the keyboard function, will the caps lock turn off or not?

Don’t panic if the caps lock doesn’t turn off. There are some other solutions that you can use. 

Check Advanced Key Settings

Customizing the advanced key settings can be the next solution. There are several steps to follow here.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to press the Windows key and ‘X’ key together. You will find several options here, ‘Setting‘ will be one of them. You have to click it.

1 1

Step 2

You will see various sections inside the ‘Settings‘ option. ‘Time & Language‘ section would be one of them. You need to enter inside the section.

2 4

Step 3

Then you will find the ‘Language’ option on the left side. If you select it, the ‘Keyboard’ option will appear on the right side. You need to go inside the option and click on the ‘Language bar options.

3 4
4 4

Step 4

Here you need to change some settings. You will find the ‘Advanced Key Settings‘ option on the top right side. After clicking the option, the ‘To turn off Caps Lock‘ label will be appeared. And you will see the ‘Press the CAPS LOCK key’ and ‘Press the SHIFT key‘ options there.

5 4

Therefore, you need to select the ‘Press the SHIFT key‘ option instead of the ‘Press the CAPS LOCK key‘ option. Then you will be able to turn off the caps lock by pressing the ‘shift’ key.

On the other hand, you need to select the ‘Press the CAPS LOCK key‘ option if the ‘Press the SHIFT key‘ option is selected. Then you will be able to turn off the caps lock by pressing the ‘caps lock’.

Even now, if the problem still exists, there would be a few other options to follow.

Update or Reinstall the Software

Because of outdated software, the caps lock also won’t turn off. In that case, you need to check the latest update. If the software, on which you type, is outdated, you need to update it. 

It will be great if the process works. But you need to reinstall the current version of the software if the problem still appears.

However, if the problem isn’t solved yet, you would conduct the hardware test.

Use the On-Screen Keyboard

I would recommend you to use the on-screen keyboard before changing the keyboard. You can get access to the on-screen keyboard by following the steps.

Steps 1

First, you need to press the Windows key and ‘X‘ key for finding the on-screen keyboard.

6 4

Steps 2

You will get the ‘Settings‘ option that you need to click. There you will see the ‘Ease of Access‘ section. You need to enter inside it.

7 4

Steps 3

Here, you will find the keyboard option. You can see it on the left side after scrolling down to the bottom. If you select the option, you will get the on-screen keyboard on the top right side. You have to slide the ‘onbutton then.

8 4

And finally, the on-screen keyboard will appear on the computer screen. If the caps lock performs according to your command in the on-screen keyboard, you might ensure that the existing keyboard can’t work functionally. 

Try Alternate Keyboard

After trying all the possible solutions, you may see that the caps lock still doesn’t work. I would recommend you change the keyboard. However, to be sure, you should try any alternate keyboard before changing it.

Final Word

Stuck caps lock is an unexpected but not impossible occurrence. Many Windows 10 users face it. So, don’t worry. You can solve it by following several simple steps like restarting the program or computer, changing the advanced settings, or even updating the software.

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