[Solved] Minecraft Failed Attempting to Join Realm (100% Working)

Minecraft is considered to be one of the most popular video games out there, and it allows players to construct and demolish various sorts of blocks in a 3D world that is constructed by the player himself. While Minecraft appears to have a simple design, it is packed with engaging gameplay features that encourage and test the player’s imagination as well as a survival instinct. However, just like any video game, Minecraft has certain challenges to deal with. Having said that, there is a good chance that random issues will arise at some stage. 

Some individuals may encounter an error message saying “Failed attempting to join the realm. Please try again later.” while playing the game Minecraft on a computer running the Windows operating system. And it is one of the most common problems. 

Failed attempting to join realm

The issue is encountered by users in a number of situations, including when they first join the game, when they first enter a world, and when they first open the game. The problem is not confined to users of personal computers, either. The problem has been observed in a variety of gaming platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, iPad, mobile devices, Xbox, and other consoles. If you are experiencing a similar problem, please refer to this tutorial. This guide covers all of the unanswered queries. 

The Reasons for the ‘Minecraft Failed Attempting to Join Realm’ Problem 

When it comes to various causes, it is important to note that there is no single or distinct aspect that causes this problem. As a matter of fact, the problem could occur on both your computer and the server’s computer. As a starting point, if the Internet connection is unstable or does not function properly, you will have this difficulty. If you are attempting to enter the game, or if your gaming partner is attempting to enter the game, and you receive an error, it is likely that the code or the login URL is incorrect. In addition, there is a strong possibility that the problem is on the server’s end. The following are all of the primary contributing factors to the problem. 

  1. An Internet connection that is poor or does not function at all. 
  2. When attempting to join, the login code or the login URL is invalid. 
  3. It is possible that you and your gaming partner may not have exactly the same version of Minecraft. 
  4. Firewall, VPN, or Antivirus is active. 
  5. A problem with the Minecraft server. 
  6. You are not subscribed to Xbox live or Nintendo online services. (In the cases of Xbox or Nintendo Switch)

Instructions on how to resolve the Minecraft Failed Attempting to Join Realm issue 

We have been able to gather some of the most effective remedies for the Minecraft Issue on Windows 10 operating system, and we hope that they will be of use to you.

1. Verify that your internet connection is operational. 

So, the first step you need to take is to see if your Internet connection is causing the “Failed Attempting to Join Realm” problem. Follow the steps outlined below to ensure that the internet is functioning properly. 

  • Open an internet browser and see whether the websites load properly. 
  • Go to a website where you can perform a quick speed test such as the Ookla website, then verify the Internet Speed; you need to have a minimum of 5 MBps of a consistent connection.

If both of the above criteria are met, next, we’ll look at technique 2. For those who are unable to cross past technique 1, take note of the following points. 

  • In the event that your Internet speed is inadequate, contact your Internet service provider (ISP) and request that they raise the Internet speed.  
  • Disconnect from the network. Re-establish a connection with your network. You should try to connect to another Wi-Fi network if you’ve configured numerous Wi-Fi networks to check if it resolves the issue.
  • Restart the router. If your internet connection is unreliable, try rebooting the modem or the wireless router. Simply switch off the computer and unplug it from the power supply for approximately 1 minute. After the time has elapsed, reconnect the cable and turn the device back on. 
  • Restart the game. If it’s the first time you’ve encountered the issue, it’s possible that it was caused by a fault in the system. At first, quit the game, then relaunch it to clear this up. 

             If Minecraft seems to be frozen when the issue occurs, you can force it to close by using the Task Manager option in Windows. On the computer you’re using, launch Task Manager and look for Minecraft in the list of running processes in the background. 

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Right-click on the Taskbar, you can launch Task Manager. As an alternative, you can use the keyboard shortcut key combinations Ctrl+Shift+Esc. 

Step 2: Click on the Processes tab to open it and then search for Minecraft in the list that appears. 

Step 3: When you right-click on it, a drop-down menu will appear; click on the End Task in the list that appears. 

Also, consider terminating any other useless apps or processes that are consuming the greatest amount of resources. 

  • Restart the system. 

2. Having Difficulties When Attempting to Join the Game 

So, if your internet connection is flawless and you are experiencing the “Failed Attempting to Join Realm. Please Try Again Later” error while attempting to join the game with another person, please look at the information provided below. 

  • Check to see if the login code or the login URL is working properly. 
  • If you are certain that you have entered it correctly, contact your gaming partner and ask him to confirm it as well. 
  • Even though everything appears to be in order, there is a potential that you and your gaming partner are not both using exactly the same version of Minecraft. 

3. Examine Your Privacy as Well as Security Settings

An additional consideration that is sometimes forgotten is the security and privacy configurations. To get rid of the Failed Attempting to Join Realm error on Windows 10, go to the settings and ensure that the two options listed below are enabled. 

It is possible to activate these settings both on the Xbox official site and on the console. 

  1. Create and Join Club

Multiplayer Online

4. Disable Your Antivirus, Firewall, or Virtual Private Network (VPN)

According to multiple users, if you’re playing Minecraft on a PC and experiencing the Minecraft Failed Attempting to Join Realm problem, it is possible that you have active Antivirus, VPN, or Firewall which is causing the problem. 

If this is the case, deactivate them to make the game operate smoothly. 

Changing the configuration of the antivirus or the firewall to permit access to the game Minecraft would be required in this situation. 

Here’s how to do it on Windows Defender, which is pre-installed: 

Step 1: On the taskbar, click on the Start/Windows logo to launch the Start menu. 

Step 2: Click Settings. 

Step 3: Under the section Update & Security, select Virus and Threat prevention from the drop-down menu. 

Step 4: Windows Security will be launched as a result of this action. 

Step 5: Select the Manage settings option. 

Step 6: Scroll down until you reach the Exclusions section, and then click on the Add or remove exclusions. 

Step 7: In the drop-down menu, you’ll find an option named Folder. After selecting Folder, select the Minecraft or Minecraft Realms folder.

Step 8: To include the game Minecraft to the Windows Defender exclusion list, simply click Select Folder.

This should add Minecraft to the whitelist of the Windows Defender program.  

5. Subscription to Xbox Live/Nintendo Switch Online Services 


If you want to play on Xbox, you will require to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold in order to participate in the game. 


If you are playing the game on a Nintendo Switch, you will require an online subscription to Nintendo in order to be able to recover from the Failed Attempting to Join Realm Xbox One error. 

PC & Mobile

You should have an account in Xbox Live; there is no requirement for Xbox Live Gold.


When the error arises as a result of an excessive number of players in a certain realm, all you can do is wait patiently until the Minecraft server isn’t any longer overcrowded or congested. If this is the case, try to join the realm again later.


In the preceding sections, we looked at a number of different remedies for the Minecraft Failed Attempting to Join Realm Issue problem. In addition, the article discusses all of the likely reasons for the problem. We hope this article has helped you resolve your Failed Attempting to Join Realm issue. 

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