[Fix] There Was a Problem Reading This Document 14 (100% Working)

Suppose you have downloaded a PDF and tried to open it but an error message came in front of you and it was showing-

No matter how the critical problem is you can always find the solution to almost everything. As this is a very simple and common error, you can fix it easily by following some simple tricks mentioned in this article.

There Was a Problem Reading This Document 14

Why Adobe Error 14- “There Was a Problem Reading This Document” Is Showing?

A corrupted PDF file or a document that is unable to open is now a common issue for all users. It needs to apprehend the reasons behind this problem. Here a list of some prominent reasons for this problem is given for you.

  • Corrupted PDF: It is discernible that you cannot read the document if the PDF file is corrupted. 
  • Defected Adobe Reader: As Adobe reader is the software to open PDF files, it is obvious that corrupted software will not be able to run any documents.
  • Antivirus: It is a common issue that Antivirus sometimes detects PDF as Malware and seizes some core data that prevent opening that document.
  • Encrypted PDF: If the documents under the PDF file are encrypted then the PDF reader will be unable to open that document and will show error-14.
  • Missing Components: Operating system needs some packages to open documents. If your OS lacks those packages or components, it cannot run documents.

Solutions to Fix Adobe Error 14 – “Problem Reading This Document”

As you know the causes of this problem, you can now easily solve it. However, you don’t know the specific reason that occurring this error in your PDF file. So, let’s follow the instructions below.

Solution 1: Update Adobe Reader

The first step that you should take is to update the reader. Error 14 occurs due to the Adobe reader being out of date. Follow the steps to update it.

  • Open Adobe Reader
  • Click on Help from the file menu bar
  • Click on Check for Updates… 
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Solution 2: Try Different PDF Reader

As the error message is showing from the Adobe Reader, it is possible having a problem with this software. On the other hand, there is also a chance of having defects in your PDF file.

To identify the exact problem, simply uninstall Adobe Reader and open the PDF by double-click. It will open through your browser now. If you can read that PDF from your browser, it means your PDF file is okay and if the browser also fails to open it, that means it is the corrupted PDF file. In that case, follow the next solution.

Precaution: There is plenty of PDF reader are available online. You can choose according to your choice.

Solution 3: Repair the PDF File

As you know that corrupted PDF file is another reason for this error, you need to repair the PDF file to open it. There are many specialized PDF repair tools that you can find on the internet. 

The process of repairing PDF is pretty simple. You can easily handle that with a few steps:

  • Search for any PDF repair tools e.g. Stellar PDF Repair and download the software.
  • Now, install the software on your computer and launch it.
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  • Click on Add File to add the PDF file and click Repair.
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  • Be patient until it repairs the PDF and after completing the process.
  • Now click on Save Repaired Files to save the repaired PDF on your PC.

Solution 4: Extract Pages

Many examples and reviews from users are received on behalf of extracting pages of PDF can bypass the Adobe error 14. This process separates each page of the PDF and you will be able to read the PDF by opening pages separately.

You don’t need to separate it manually as you can easily extract it online. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Go to Sejda PDF extractor from your browser.
  • Click on Upload PDF files and add your PDF file here.
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  • Select your desired pages from that PDF from the thumbnails and click on Extract pages.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I read an encrypted PDF?

To read an encrypted PDF file, you need to open it on Acrobat. Use the Unlock tool: Choose Tools -> Protect -> Encrypt -> Remove Security

How do I open Adobe PDF without a password?

  • Open password-protected PDF in Adobe Acrobat
  • Click File and explore the Properties
  • Now click on Permission Details to view the Security tab
  • Click Remove Password in Security Method
  • Save the PDF


You can now fix Adobe error 14 – “There was a problem reading this document” by following any of the steps which are mentioned above. The most common cause is corrupted PDF or the Adobe Reader. 

You must try the 1st solution above all. The 2nd and 3rd solutions will help you to identify whether the problem is with the PDF file or with the Adobe Reader.

You can fix your document by following these methods easily within a few steps. Just tell us in the comment section below that which solution fixed your problem.

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