What Does CTRL H Do? | A Helpful Shortcut

This small keyboard shortcut comes in helpful while working with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel. It’s time to make your approach to the “View” option on the toolbar. 

When using Microsoft Excel, you could hit P just after shortcuts to choose the “View tab” and also other options.

What Does CTRL H Do

What does Ctrl+H do?

The histories tool is accessed by pressing the keys Ctrl+H. On Mac computers, the key technique is accessed by pressing Command+H.”

Learn using the Ctrl+H keys on the keyboard. For using this simple keyboard shortcut, hit and hold either it Ctrl or Shift key, and then, while still holding the key, hit H.

Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H inside a Web browser [for example, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or IE] Its history section of most Web browsers can be accessed by typing the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut. In code editors as well as Microsoft Word, the shortcut key is Ctrl+H. 

While using a txt file or word document, pressing the Ctrl+H key combination activates the finding and replace option, which enables users to create words, characters, and otherwise phrases or exchange them with another.

The Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut can be used to find text rather than replace it. 

The Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut in Powerpoint Slides enables you to move the frame around while hovering your cursor over the top of the existing texts or options until they are highlighted, similar to how you would do that in Word. The frame and other editable forms are left behind after you hover on an item (like graphics) without first choosing it. Each object has an unseen rectangle linked to it which surrounds the various data elements in the item.

If you want to find text and not replace it, use the Ctrl+F shortcut.

If you continue holding the Ctrl key while hitting H, you may drag files anywhere within PowerPoint’s display area—you could even use index and middle fingers for exact control if needed (left edge), as well as dump files in the middle of a dragging anywhere they fall when finished. 

In the Windows calculator, press the keys Ctrl+H. 

The Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut, when used with the Microsoft Windows calculator, displays a history of everything that has been typed into the calculator. In our database, 245 apps make use of this keyboard shortcut. There isn’t a generic description for this shortcut elsewhere on the internet.

What Does the Key Combination Ctrl+H Do? 

In addition to being known as Ctrl H or C-h, the shortcut key Ctrl+H has a variety of names that vary based on the software being used. For instance –, with most word processors, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H is often used to locate and edit the text within a document. The history pane can be accessed by pressing the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut in a Web browser. 

How to Make Use of the CTRL+H Keyboard Shortcut 

Using the tab key Ctrl+H, press as well as hold either of the Ctrl keys on your keyboard, then push the “H” button by either finger while still holding the Ctrl key. This Ctrl button on Mac keypads is referred to here as the “control” bar. 

In a Chrome browser, use the keys Ctrl+H. 

The browsing history can be accessed by tapping the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut like most Web browsers.

In Microsoft Excel as well as other sheet systems, press the key combination Ctrl+H. 

The Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut in Excel Spreadsheets and some other office applications activate the locate and substitute feature, which lets you locate any data and swap it with some other data you choose. You can even use the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut to search text alone, rather than replacing it. 

In Power point Presentations, press the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut. 

The Ctrl+H alternative key in Microsoft Access, when it is in the Slides mode, hides the pointer and any currently active tools, such as the pen and highlighter techniques.

What does the Ctrl h key do in Word? 

If you want to try and change anything in a Text file, press the keys Ctrl + H at the same time. The “Find and Replace” pop-up window will appear as a result of this action. Once you’ve done that, simply write inside the word or phrase you’re searching for, as well as what you want to replace them with. 

What does the Ctrl h key do in Chrome Browser? 

In Chrome Or firefox, press the keys Ctrl + H to see and adjust your search history. Just use the “Ctrl” key combination while pressing the “H” key on a keypad if you’re using Google Chrome internet Browser… Whether you’re logged into Chrome on numerous devices, you’ll be able to access your search history from each device where you’re logged in.

What Is the Function of the Windows Key Combination CTRL H? 

The Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut in Excel Files or other data formats activates the identity and replacement function, which enables you to locate any information and change it with any word you like. 

Using the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut will help to find words solely, rather than replace them. 

When you want to utilize the tab key Ctrl + H, tap and hold this same Ctrl key on your keyboard when simultaneously pressing the “H” key on your keyboard by either finger.

It’s the Ctrl key on Mac keyboards that is marked “control.” 

What Does CTRL H Do 1

In a Search engine, use the keys Ctrl + H. 

Hitting Ctrl + H for most Web browsers (for example, Chrome, Firefox, Edge,  and Internet Explorer) displays the browsing history. 

In Worksheet and certain other google Docs systems, press the keys Ctrl + H. 

The Ctrl + H keyboard shortcut in Computer Software and other statistical software activates the find as well as replace option, which helps you to locate any phrase & consider replacing that with any phrase. You can use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to browse for phrases only, rather than replacing text.

Switch availability of numerous features, such Selection Edges, Smart Guides, Target Path, Pixel Grid, and some other options, by using the Command + H (Mac) as well as Control + H (Windows) key combination. If you like to be in complete control of which properties can be turned on and off if you’re using the alternative, go to View, then click on Show and afterward Show Extra Options and select the properties you wish to hide as well a show from the drop-down list. 


Press the Control-H key to erase the item immediately to such left of where the inclusion point is located. Use the Delete key to remove the item from your shopping list. To eliminate a character, press Control-D on your keyboard, followed by a space. Use the Fn-Delete key to remove the item from your list.

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