[Fix] Why Do I Hear Myself in My Headset (100% Working)

The headset is supposed to give you comfort listening experience. But when you can hear your own voice through your headset, it will surely irritate you. Hearing your voice during talking to someone is distracting and disturbing for everyone. Don’t worry, you can fix that problem with your headset easily by taking some small steps.

Why Do I Hear Myself in My Headset

How Do You Hear Your Own Voice Through the Headset?

Headsets contain small speakers which create sound by vibrating with an electromagnetic force. When you speak, the headset captures your voice by the mic and sends the electromagnetic wave to the receiver. That wave vibrates the receiver’s speaker and creates the sound that you have spoken to him. But when the headset again sends the same wave back to your speaker then you will be able to hear the voice which you just have spoken. 

Reason for Hearing Your Own Voice in Your Headset

There can be many reasons for which you are facing this problem. But the most possible reason is that you have enabled something on your device accidentally. 

There is an option on your device to check how your voice sounds to the other party. By enabling “Listen to this device”, you will be able to hear back what you just have to speak. The sound may delay some moments because of your device and the network. If such things happened to you then you can easily.

Many other factors can cause you to have the same problem of hearing your voice or hearing an echo of your voice on your headset. 

Luckily there is nothing to worry about because almost all the factors have an effective solution too. Here are all the possible problems and solutions that are discussed briefly. Just follow the instructions below.

All Possible Solutions to the Problem – “Hearing Own Voice Through Headset”

A specific problem needs a specific and efficient solution. Hearing own voice through a headset can be caused by different factors. Each factor has a specific solution too. Let’s not waste time and look at these solutions:

1. Disabling “Listen to this Device”:

Open Control Panel or go to the Search Option and Type “Control Panel”

1 7

Then click on “Hardware and Sound” and then “Sound”

2 8

Now click on the “Recording” tab

3 7

Right-click on “Microphone” and go to its properties

Now click on the “Listen” tab

4 6

Uncheck the “Listen to this device” option and click “Apply”

I hope this process will solve your problem effectively. However, you may still face the problem for other reasons. If that process doesn’t work for you then you don’t be upset because you can solve the problem without any hassle. You just need to apply the proper method to fix this problem. But at first, you have to know the possible causes of hearing your voice in your headset. Don’t worry, you can find all possible solutions to that problem here.

2. Unplug and Replug

It is the most common problem for almost every headset user that they don’t connect the jack of the headset properly to the device. This can cause you to hear yourself on the headset whenever you talk. You are recommended to unplug the headset from your device and reconnect it with the device properly. It solves the problem in most cases. 

3. The Problem of Other’s Mic

Many users face this problem when they are talking to someone on phone calls. Sometimes the speaker of the other user is too loud that it reflects your voice through his mic so that you can hear yourself on your headset beside him. Online gamers face the same problem while talking to their teammates. You just need to tell him/her to decrease their volume and it will fix this issue automatically. 

4. Port of Your Device

There are possibilities that the port you are using is not properly working. It can cause you to hear yourself in the headset. Aux input often fails to bypass all the signals. You are recommended to clean the port of your device. You can also try a USB headset to avoid unwanted echoes. 

5. Speaker Near You

When you speak wearing the headset, the speaker of your device can re-speak it and this can cause an echo of your voice on your headset. To avoid this unwanted situation, simply decrease the volume of your speaker. 

6. Speaker of Another Person

When you call someone and if he/she receives the call without plugin the headset, he can hear you through his speaker, and eventually, you will also hear your voice through his mic.  Ask him/her to connect the headset with his device. 

The Short Circuit Inside the Wire of Your Headset

There are also possibilities that sometimes the internal wires of your headset attach and cause chaos in hearing sound properly. This problem normally happens with old or broken wired headsets. If this happens, you have to give your headset for servicing. 

The Sound Driver Is Out of Date

In some cases, you can face the problem of hearing your voice if you have not updated the sound driver of your device. Check if your sound driver needs any updates. It can solve your problem effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I hear myself in my headset on PS4 or PS5?

You can face this problem probably because your headset has insufficient noise-reducing ability. To avoid the problem of hearing yourself you need to keep a distance between the mic and the speaker of your headset. On the other hand, you can keep the volume of your speaker lower. It will reduce the outer noise. 

However, PS4 & PS5 have mic monitoring features which can make this problem. You have to disable this feature to solve the problem. You just need to:

  1. Click on “Settings”
  2. Select Devices
  3. Select “Audio Devices”
  4. Slide the bar of “Side-tone Volume” to the left.

Why I’m hearing my voice on Xbox One?

As Xbox One has a Mic monitoring feature; it sometimes creates the problem of hearing your voice on the headset. The way to get rid of this problem is to decrease the volume to the left.


All the possible reasons for hearing yourself in the headset are discussed briefly above. Consequently, you can identify what happened to your headset or device and effectively solve the problem. 

Headsets allow us to hear sound. This is disturbing if you continuously hear your own voice through this device. In this case, I recommend you to use a noise-proof headset that minimizes outer noise including your voice and gives you a better experience of hearing. 

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