[Fix] Why is My Mic So Quiet on Discord (100% Working)

During using discord, you noticed that your fellows from the other side telling you to speak louder constantly. That means they barely can hear you and your mic on discord is too quiet. This is a too common issue for a discord user. But don’t get nervous about it because where there is a problem, there is a solution too. You can fix the problem without facing any trouble by following the instructions below:

Why is My Mic So Quiet On Discord

Is Your Mic Being So Quiet on Discord? No Worries, You’re Not Alone!

Discord users often face the problem that their mic is too quiet or is not working while the mic works completely fine during Steam calling or outside of Discord. It is not the problem of your headset or device, but the problem is the discord itself.

How to Solve – ‘Why is My Mic So Quiet on Discord’

We have found the perfect solution to fix this problem. So let’s solve this problem:

1. Restart the Discord

The most common solution for this problem provided by IT professionals is to close the program and restart it. You may not believe in this solution but trust me it often works. Sometimes Discord is stuck with bugs and it minimizes your mic to others. By reopening Discord, you can bypass this bug. Restarting the device can be more effective in this case. 

2. Update the App & drivers

As the mic problem is so common in discord and many users continuously report this to the corporation. So if there is any bug that remains the discord team provides updates to fix those bugs. If you are facing a problem, you can try to update Discord. 

However, your driver can also be out of date and create these kinds of problems. You can also try updating your sound drivers also to solve the problem. 

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2. Enable your Mic on Discord

Users often forget to enable voice chat or disable voice chat but click the mic button unconsciously. The other party on your discord cannot hear your voice totally if you do not enable your mic. Let’s check it out and fix the problem right now.

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4. Increase Input Volume on Discord

You accidentally might slide the input volume bar to the left. It will decrease your voice and your friend can hear you too quietly on discord. To fix this, you need to go to the voice settings of discord by clicking the setting button (Gear icon).

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Now go to the “Voice & Video” tab, increase the volume bar and enjoy.

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5. Grant Access to your Browser

Suppose you are using discord from the google chrome browser and your mic is too quiet on discord. Maybe you haven’t given microphone permission to discord from your browser. For this, you just need to follow some easy steps:

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your chrome.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click Privacy and security
  4. Then click Site settings
  5. explore Microphone 
  6. Under “Not allowed,” select the site’s name and change the microphone permission to “Allow.”
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6. Checkup Your Hardware

It often happened to us that we do some silly mistake and can’t find where the problem is. So let’s check some common mistakes everyone does.

  • If you are using a wired headset, then check if the 3.5mm jack is inserted into your device thoroughly. Your mic may remain quiet on discord if the jack is not inserted into the port completely.
  • If you are using a Bluetooth headset, then unpaired it from your device and then again pair it up with that device.
  • As you know that gaming headphones are now provided with a volume controller attached to the headset. Do not forget to have a quick look at that thing.

7. Run as Administrator

Quite discord and run it as administrator so that discord is allowed to all permission that it needed. Surely you can give it a try. 

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8. Close other Third-Party Apps

If you are using the third-party app as a voice filter to make your voice funny or deeper on discord, then you haven’t picked the good option. These types of apps tend to create virtual microphones to change your voice. The audio echo system of discord cannot catch the virtual microphone and causes too quiet mic problem on discord. Hence, you need to close the third-party apps if you are using any and the problem will be solved.

9. Friend’s Mic Problem

If you have tried all the possible ways to fix the problem, then you should consider that the problem is not yours rather it is your friend’s headset or device that causing the problem. You can simply ask your friend to follow the above steps to hear your voice.  

Keep in Mind

You have two microphones on your phone. One is for regular voice transferring and the other one is for speaker’s voice transferring. Anyhow your regular microphone can get damaged and unable to work. So you can try another microphone by putting your phone on speaker mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I make my mic louder on Discord mobile? 

You can select your mic from the default microphone settings on your device. You can also try decreasing the slider of Input Volume to a certain level to make your mic louder. You can also try the above methods to fix the problem.

Q. Why Can’t I talk in Discord but can hear? 

You can fix this problem by fixing the audio setting of your discord. You can follow the instruction to fix discord settings from this article. It will fix your problem within minutes.

Q. Why isn’t my PC picking up my mic? 

This happens when you deny permitting the app on your PC. To allow your mic, go to Start -> Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone and change the radio box to Allow apps to access your microphone.


All the possible solutions of “discord mic too quiet or why my friends can’t hear me on discord?” are listed carefully in this article. It will definitely solve the problem if you follow the above steps carefully unless your microphone needs a replacement. 

Feel free to give us feedback and comment here if you think that there is something more to add here.

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