[Fix] Why Isn’t My Volume Button Working (100% Working)

On a smartphone, volume is one of the major features. Almost every step of using a smartphone such as calling, listening to music or podcasts, watching videos, or voice commands, the volume button is mandatory. 

Why My Volume Button is Not Working

Suppose you are watching a movie and the sound seems too loud for your ear. You are pressing the volume down button and you realize that it’s not decreasing the volume. It may perplex you what happened to your device and on the other side, it will increase your anger that you cannot watch your favorite movie in peace. 

How to Fix ‘Why Isn’t My Volume Button Working’ Issue

Why should you panic when there are plenty of effective solutions to fix your problem? 

We have pointed out solutions for three different platforms which are:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • PC

Each of these platforms contains some effective solutions that you don’t want to miss. So, without wasting time, let’s solve this problem together.

1. iPhone Volume Button Not Working

It is common among iPhone users that its volume button is sometimes stuck. Here are some tricks and hacks for you to troubleshoot the issue:

Restart the Device

When a device does not work properly, the first and former thing suggested by IT professionals is to restart the device. Sometimes a device may not work properly or be surrounded by bugs. A restart can fix such issues.

Press & hold the power button. Touch “Power off”. When the device is turned off, press and hold the power button again to wake it up. 

Remove Back part

It often happens that low-quality back part or case causes this kind of problem. Not all case contains tactile buttons and the volume button does not work properly for this reason. If you are using any kind of back-part to your device, then try after removing it. If it works properly after removing the back part, then your device is fully fresh and you should consider that the back part is the reason for all these hassles.

Check Volume Setting

Do you know there’s a feature in your iPhone that you can enable/disable your volume button from your settings? If your volume button is not working, then there is the possibility that it has been disabled from your settings somehow. To enable your volume button, find Sound & Haptic inside your Settings and check if the Change with Buttons is enabled.

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Enable Assistive Touch

If your volume button is completely obsoleted, then there is an alternative way to control your volume by Assistive Touch. 

To turn it on – go to settings -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch and turn it on. 

 Under Custom Action, set Volume Up for Single-Tap and set Volume Down for Double-Tap.

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Connect Earphone

Sometimes the volume button is stuck for a bug and it can be solved using earphones. Connect original Apple earphones with your iPhone. Now increase the volume using the earphone remote. Now increase or decrease volume using your volume button. Unplug the earphones and control the volume using the buttons.

Clean the Buttons

Dust and dirt can jam the volume button and detach it from the circuit board. It can be fixed by cleaning the buttons. You can use a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol to clean them. A vacuum nozzle is also an effective way to clean them.

Caution: Do not use water to clean your device.

Pressing Volume Up and Down Simultaneously 

The volume button can be stuck for some reason. If your hardware has no connection with this, you can try pressing both buttons simultaneously until the buttons start to work again. This trick often works for many users who are stuck with their volume buttons.

Update the System

Your volume button may now work because the system is out of date. There are miscellaneous cases that can be found on iPhone because the system needs an update. By updating your software, your volume button may start working again. 

Go to settings -> General -> Software Update

Check if there are any available updates to download and install the iOS.

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Note: Update it when your device has 50% of charge or above.

Factory Reset data

If any other tricks couldn’t fix your problem, then try this solution to make your iPhone set up as new. But as this trick will erase all data from your device, you just need to backup all your data on iCloud. 

  • Go to settings -> Apple ID banner -> iCloud -> iCloud backup -> Back Up Now – to back up your data.
  • Reset your device – Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.
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  • For restoring your data from iCloud – follow the setup assistant and it will offer you to restore your last backed up data from iCloud. 
  • You can also backup your data to Finder/iTunes and restore it in the future from your computer. 
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Try in Silent Mode

Put your iPhone on silent mode and press the volume up button to raise the volume. This time your button may work. This trick can make your volume button normal again. 

Tap & Squeeze

It seems a silly trick but to be honest many users have been satisfied with this trick with their iPhones. Place it on a hard surface and tap it gently but firmly without giving too much pressure. 

If the button still does not work, place it on your right thumb and press the upper-right corner of your device giving pressure slightly. Now press the volume button. If it works this time, then your device has a loose connection.

Dry out (Water Damage)

If your iPhone falls into the water accidentally, or the water spills onto it, it may cause a malfunction of every button of that device. If it happens, you have to power off the device, unplug the device, and take out the sim card. Remove water from every port of the device. Wipe it with a dry towel and then let it dry completely. There can be other several damages caused by water so it will be best for your device to visit your nearby Apple store.

Visit Service Center

If no methods from the above work for you then it must be the problem of the hardware and you need to seek a professional technician to fix your device. Contact and make an appointment at the nearby Apple Store. You can find licensed professionals there who can fix the hardware problem of your iPhone effectively. 

You can also contact the Apple team online or via email. 

2. Android Volume Button Problem

It’s a very common case for android users that the volume button is not working. For being a common problem, it has some effective solutions too. So there is nothing to worry about if you are facing the same problem with your android device. Just follow the tips given below:

Check Volume Buttons

If the buttons are not working in the normal way, try pushing them in a slightly side direction. If your button works this time, then there is a dent inside the button that needs repair.

Check the Settings

There is three particular volume control inside the settings- “Media”,” Call”, and” Alarm”. When you press the volume key it controls the media volume, not the other volume. You can raise other volumes manually from the settings. 

Go to settings -> Sound & Vibration -> Slide volume to the controller according to your preference. 

Reboot Device

Software crashes can be the reason for your volume button to stop working. Reboot is the solution to this issue. Press and hold your Power Button for 3 seconds and the device will be restarted. Check if the buttons are working fine now. 

Try Virtual Key

The virtual key is a touch button inside your device to control volume. If no methods can fix the buttons, then it can be the alternative solution. You can use three types of virtual keys. Those are:

  1. Widget

Go to widget -> settings -> sound then create a sound widget on your home screen to control volume.

  1. Accessibility Menu

Go to settings -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Menu. Here you can find the soft button for controlling the volume.

  1. Third-Party Apps

You can find many virtual button apps to control your volume from the Google Play Store. Just search and install any of them.

Cleaning Volume Button

The dirt and dust can cover the inner key of your volume button as the result it will not work properly. Try cleaning it using tissue paper and rubbing alcohol.

Caution: Do not use water or sharp tools to clean the volume button.

Format Data

Factory reset often brings the solution to the problem that the volume button is not working. Make your phone as good as new by erasing everything can fix it but you have to be careful about your important data. By formatting your device, you will lose everything unless you have backed up your data somewhere or on the cloud. 

Go to settings -> Storage -> Factory Rest -> Erase


Settings -> Backup & reset -> Factory data reset


Settings -> System -> Reset Options -> Erase all data (factory reset)

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These steps can vary according to the brand of your android phone. 


If no methods of the above failed to fix your problem, then you have no other option except repair your device. To solve hardware problems like this you must hand over the device to a professional technician whom you can find only in service centers and customer care.

3. Volume Key Not Working for Windows

Normally windows come with a volume controller icon on the bottom-right corner. But you also can control your volume from your keyboard. There is a volume down button on F2 or F11 and a volume up button on F3 or F12. These buttons may not work for some reason. Let’s read what are the solutions to fix the problem on your PC.

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Use Fn Keys

The volume keys on your keyboard are under the “Fn” keys. You can only use these keys if you press that and the Fn key simultaneously. 

Example: Fn + F2 = Volume Down

Try Another Keyboard

The volume key may not work because of the faulty keyboard. That specific button may not work because of varieties reasons. Try a reliable keyboard and check if the buttons are working on it properly. 

Update Driver

The sound functions will sometimes not work properly unless you have updated the sound driver. Try updating the driver and check if it works correctly or not.

Reset Audio Server

You probably have accidentally changed some settings in your PC’s audio server. Try resetting the audio server and checking if the volume button is working or not.

Run SFC Scan

  • Press “Win key” + “X” simultaneously.
  • Select Command prompt from the menu.
  • Type: SFC/scannow.
  • It will take ten to fifteen minutes so be patient.

Disable Antivirus

Antivirus software can interfere with the sound system of the PC so you must try volume keys after disabling the antivirus. 

Upgrade OS

The operating system (OS) contains minor bugs that cause this type of problem. Upgrading OS helps to get rid of the bug and the sound functions will work fine. Upgrade your OS and check if the problem has been solved or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to unlock Fn Key?

A. Press and hold “Fn” and the “Esc” keys simultaneously.

Q. Why is my volume button working automatically?

A. It is also a common problem among users (Especially Android users). This happens mainly because of hardware problems. Do not turn off your phone or you will never be able to turn it on unless you go for repair. Visit the nearby service center and repair volume buttons ASAP.

Final Words

All possible solutions are provided here in this article. Try these simple tricks to fix your volume button. These solutions are worked for most users. I hope you also can be able to fix your volume button on your own. If your volume button still acts the same, please visit customer service as soon as you can.

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