[Solved] Your Onedrive Is About to Be Deleted Issue (100% Working)

You have recently received a message from OneDrive that your OneDrive is about to be deleted

You may be a OneDrive for Windows or OneDrive for Mac user. On the other hand, you may be OneDrive (home or personal), OneDrive (work or school), or OneDrive for Business users.

How to Fix the Your OneDrive is about to be deleted Issue

Whatever, you need to be aware of the email. I am writing this article so. After reading this article, you will acknowledge why you receive the email and what to do with it. Let’s explore.

Caution! It Can Be A Phishing Email

Firstly, you have to confirm that you have received the email from OneDrive officially.

To do so, check the sender’s email address. It might be- 

  • OneDrive <reply@mail.onedrive.com>
  • email@mail.onedrive.com

These are the official email addresses that usually send the received warning message.  

So, if the sender address does not match, you should not click on the email link. And if you are sure that the email is a kind of phishing item, I would like to recommend you to send the message with the email address to phish@office365.microsoft.com 

Why did you get an email saying your OneDrive is about to be deleted?

If you receive an alike message, two possible things can happen with your OneDrive account

  1. Most probably, the related OneDrive account might not be used in the last two years for a single time before getting the email. 
  2. Or, the storage limit of the account might be gone beyond for more than 90 days.  

In case, you don’t even know about the account existence, a couple of things that may relate to the issue-

  • As all Microsoft accounts relate to an origin one
  • You probably open your Microsoft account through the OneDrive(work or school) account. 
  • You may open Outlook, Skype, or Xbox account, and the related OneDrive account would open that you don’t even notice.

Is your OneDrive about to be deleted?

If you receive the message from the official email address of OneDrive, it will be really deleted. But you can save the OneDrive account from deleting permanently. To do so, you have to explore the following section.

What do you have to do now?

Here, you have to execute a simple process. It is nothing but reactivating the OneDrive account. To do so, you need to simply sign in to the account with the username and password.  

By any chance, if you aren’t capable to sign in to the OneDrive account, you may not remember your username or password. To solve it, click on the ‘forgotten username or password’ option and follow the on-screen direction. Accordingly, you will recover the OneDrive account easily. 

Another possible thing can be issue that the email may be used with more than one account from Microsoft. You can only resolve the issue if the OneDrive account is created with your personal Microsoft account. Otherwise, you need to contact the authority in case you have created the account through a work or school account. 

Final Words

Therefore, if you get the email notifying your OneDrive is about to be deleted, you should reactivate the OneDrive account as soon as possible. But, you have to be careful about the phishing one.

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